Friday, April 30, 2010

Fabric Flowers Everywhere!

One of my two MOHs, Cassie, needs to start a fabric flower making business. Or at least an etsy shop. I also think I should get some of the profits. I am, after all, the reason she realized she had this hidden talent. I had a tutorial I'd been trying (and FAILING MAJORLY at), and when I took it to her, lo and behold, she had the magic touch. And now she's making them for everyone!

Some are for herself...

Some for her friends...

and she's got orders pouring in from others as well!

Here's the first batch of mine!

Did you have any doubt they'd be green? I don't have a set plan for them yet, but as of right now I wouldn't care if I ended up just scattering them around as decoration at the wedding. I just loooove them!

It's really funny... I like getting flowers, I like gardening, but I don't really care for having real flowers at my wedding... so I'm not. (Well, except for the planted flowers in the backyard. Those don't count.) For some reason, and I'm talking mainly about for my wedding here, I am obsessed with faux flowers. The faux flower section at Dollar Tree rocks my world. Pop those buds right off the stems and you can put them anywhere!

Stay tuned for a sneak peek at my bouquet next week. Yes, my bouquet is going to be faux fabulous as well!


PS Dollar Tree in itself is pretty much the bomb. Everything is ACTUALLY a dollar, unlike some places, and they have some pretty awesome stuff in there.

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  1. I love these! How do I make these??? Off to hunt down Cassie...