Friday, April 23, 2010

The Window To My Soul...

Not really. Just a window. Well, 4 windows to be exact. Lookie what I now have in my possession! Old windows! Yay!

Wait, do you not get why I'm so excited? Ok let me show you...

(via Green Wedding Shoes)

(via Marvin)

(via Style Me Pretty)

There are way too many options, the hard part is going to be deciding what to do with them!

Want to know how much they cost and where I got them from? $0, from my mom's house. Yup, MOB had new windows put in and I just so happened to be there when the contractors were coming to throw out the old ones. So I stopped them and took them, because, seriously, old windows rock. Just maybe not actually IN your house because of the lack of insulation and such. But aesthetically, they rock.


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  1. Those are great, Cyndi! Cannot wait to see what you do with them.