Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vintage Inspired Bouquet

Inspired by this: Mine started out like this.

Then this weekend MOH Cassie and I started really putting it together. I've been collecting buttons and random baubles from Aunt Cheri's Button Jar, the button jar of MOB, and various other places. I had clear jewels and rhinestone buttons and white buttons and buttons I'd previously painted a silver color for another project. I had a lot of OTHER stuff I thought was going to go into it (peacock feathers, green buttons, etc.), but it turned out looking awesome-er with all the bling! We attached each individual button and bauble to a strand of wire, pulling it through the back of the button and twisting it back down, then adding a dab of hot glue so that it would stand up and not flop around. Like so:

Then, it was all arranged into one beautifully awesome bouquet and we wrapped strands of wire around the "handle" area to keep it all together for the binding part.

Then we* binded (is that a word?) it all together, just wrapped white fabric around and around and around using hot glue to keep it taught and in place. After there was plenty of cushion, and it looked thick enough, we added the real fabric around it (same fabric that the flowers came from, which honestly pretty much matches my dress!). We added green lace (which I also used on the cardbox months ago) around the top with hot glue, just underneath the "blooms", to cover up the wire and the stems.

I added a cameo brooch that's tarnished gold, a little copper, and some green to the front, and oila! One Vintage Inspired Bouquet - coming up!

Jealous??! :)

Of the bouquet, not of my awesome sweaty hairstyle (no AC downstairs).


*From this point on "we" basically means "Cassie" while I supervised/made us dinner.


  1. I love it! I think it looks better than the inspiration....

  2. It's beeYOOtiful! Great job, Cassie... :-D