Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Curious and Curiouser

I've been thinking about bridal beauty lately (FH, I don't think you'll enjoy this post). It sounds like a pretty trivial detail to think about when there are caterers and tents and all sorts of other things to deal with, but I personally think it's not trivial at all - at least not for me. I know makeup can do wonders, but I want my skin to look awesome on my big day (and I doubt I'm alone in that). You see, I may not look like I have "troubled" skin, per se, but I've never really felt like I've found the perfect skin regimin for me. I suck at the facial product and makeup game. Seriously. I've tried to pick up tips from friends, coworkers... strangers... for years, but I still don't feel like I know jack (do you know jack*?). How is it that everyone has their own products they love or regimin they can't live without, but I missed the memo? Was there a class I should've taken in high school? A secret society I wasn't a part of? How has everyone else figured it out while I'm left scratching my head and continuously trying new products? I've struggled with it forever, but have especially been thinking about it since being engaged. It also doesn't help that everytime I seem to find a product I love, it gets discontinued! (And that is not just beauty-related! Wendy's Pita Sandwiches, McD's Salad Shakers, my favorite chapstick, the only energy drink I'll drink... the list goes on!) I think I've finally found a foundation I love (CoverGirl and Olay Simply Ageless), so check that off the list! Eyes I can do, but I've been on the hunt for a good, non messy, not too heavy, goes on easy foundation FOR-EV-ER. Next on the list, facial cleansers and moisturizers. Magazines always tell you what super expensive products you can't live without, and it's so tempting because it's like, "Well if it really works that well maybe I should buy it!" But I personally think there must be plenty of cheaper products out there that work just as well. Maybe this is my problem? I'm not willing to shell out the dough? I'm sorry, but I've been through so many products that just don't satisfy me that I can't justify spending tons of money on something that, yet again, may not be the product for me. The most expensive I'll go is Lush products. I don't know, maybe it's the whole "we use natural products and almost everything we use for packaging can be recycled" thing. They suck me in because I feel like I'm doing something green. I also do like their products, but I still haven't found THE products for me. I went in yesterday and got a new cleanser and am crossing my fingers because, well, if this one doesn't work there's only two left that I haven't tried!

(Samantha and her chemical peel...)

Next up, "procedures". I've read many a bridal mag that says to get facials and peels and this and that leading up to your big day. Most of these things scare me (maybe it's the SATC episode where Samantha gets the chemical peel...), but I've been contemplating a facial recently, as that seems the least scary. I asked my waxer about it the other day and she pretty much talked me into it (it didn't take much). She said facials are good and told me I should get one like next month, July, and a couple weeks before the wedding if I wanted to do a skin overhaul. I trust her, she'd tell me if I didn't need one. She's told me before about services I don't need so I don't think she'd steer me wrong this time!

So what's the point of this post? Um... well, A - I need to get back into posting regularly so I don't lose my readers! B - I actually would like to hear how you found your perfect skin care regimin and products and C - If you have any suggestions for me, I'm all ears :)

Ah, the things we do for beauty... men will never understand!


*Nod to MOH Cassie and my favorite game in high school!


  1. I'm with you Cyndi, I have lots of problems with my favorite products being discontinued as well and I also go from products to products. I finally found a cleanser that I thought was awesome by L'Oreal and they discontinued it like two months later...I even contacted the company and they said to use their newest product which was "similar" but it sucked.

    I also recently fell in love with a Covergirl Whipped Foundation, and I've gotten sucked into the Bare Minerals revolution, and I have to say that the powders do make your skin look pretty flawless. It covers redness well. I've liked all of the Bare Minerals products - including eyeshadows, and lip glosses.

    I watch What Not to Wear a lot and one of my favorite parts is the makeup session wit Carmindy. She really has interesting tips about how to do makeup, and they always look flawless. I think sometimes it has to do with the application, so try using different types of brushes and sponges. She also usually recommends a mascara with a tiny brush for no clumping, I like this tip but have yet to find a really good mascara that I love as well.

    Facials can also be a good thing, but keep in mind that the steaming process of it brings out all of the guck and you might get pimples, etc. I did this right before my sisters wedding and the lady refused to steam my skin because of that fact which totally defeats the purpose of a $60 facial.

    So good post, I think about this stuff all the time too. :)

  2. Actually, my waxer was raving about bare minerals (who isn't these days), too! So expensive, though! I might break down... we'll see :)

    I don't watch What Not to Wear... but feel free to share all the beauty secrets you learn from there!

    Oh yes, my waxer told me specifically when to get the facial so now worries there. I trust her with my (beauty) life! lol

    Glad I'm not alone!

  3. Do you have an Ulta near you? Bare Minerals foundation is only $25....or you can get the whole 'starter kit' for like $50. I'm a mineral foudation girl...but have switched from BareMinerals to Ulta....simply because I love Ulta and it's cheaper (so it's $18 instead of $25). You do know my sweating problem...for some reason the mineral founating doesn't sweat off....
    Skincare - I have an obsession with Olay and Mary Kay....I go back and forth simply because I'm a sucker for a good sale and pretty packaging. I only use facewash and lotion - nothing else too fancy.

  4. So Ulta has its own version of Bare Minerals? What is it called? I'm totally down with cheaper generic versions of things! I think we must have an Ulta somewhere around here...

    I also have a terrible time figuring out foundation colors.

  5. Also, Sephora's has bareminerals and you can get the start up kits (although the containers are smaller). But yes, it's only $25 and I find it lasts for several months. I also have found that pregnancy is good for the skin. I know, not very good bridal advice.

  6. TERRIBLE BRIDAL ADVICE! lol, at least for me!

  7. Even Covergirl makes it's own mineral foundation now. I'm sure most of them are the same. I've been using the bare minerals for 2 years now and haven't tried any of the others. I find that it lasts a REALLY LONG time...so I don't mind spending a little more. The kits are awesome, they come with brushes, my favorite is the concealer brush. If you haven't already gone to Ulta you can get them to do a free makeover on you with it, to show you exactly how to use it. I find that I use more than they tell you too but it still lasts forever.