Monday, May 3, 2010

Vintagey Bouquet

And it's not going to be green! Ok there might be some green in there because I bought some peacock feathers at MOB's urging. She really had to twist my arm. Not. I heart everything peacock! How can you not? So many colors, beautifully pulled together by nature/machines. But I suppose it will be green in the "I'm reusing some materials I already own and not throwing it out after one day" sort of way, though. Anyway, after we found out one of my MOHs has the secret talent of making fabric flowers, I came across this:

and decided she/we/she needed to make something like it! Alright, fiiine, it'll be a combined effort... but my secret plan is to be the designer and have her put it all together :) ok not so secret anymore... So I found some really great fabric that pretty much matches my dress and sent it to her to make the flowers. I also have some ivory feathers, antique rhinestone buttons and brooches, and lots of other fun little things. Here are the finished flowers!

They're so pretty! The pics really don't do them justice, like, at all, so trust me on this, they're awesome. MOH Cassie's pretty talented, eh? Yeah, that's why we asked her to sell her fabulous flowers on our Etsy shop. What? Oh yeah, Bridesmaid Amanda, Bonnie and I are starting an Etsy shop! Not ready just yet, but it's coming soon! Don't worry, you'll be the first to know when it's ready :) so if you love DIY but... well, can't DIY, then our shop's for you!


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