Friday, April 9, 2010

Why Didn't I Think of This Before?!

I've been going over rental pricing of sooo many different rental companies for months now. Each time I usually do a lot of searching on it in a few days, and I've always just written down the costs I could find. Then when I revisit my search a couple weeks later, I forget who had what pricing and all that jazz. Tonight a lightbulb went off. I should just add all the vendors to a google spreadsheet! That way I can open it from whatever computer I'm at and add new contacts or see how everyone compares all in one spot! I started doing it tonight and I know it's a simple thing... that I probably should have thought about long ago, but it made me giddy to see all the prices and information in one place! And know that it'll be there and I'll be adding to it! So note to anyone who wants to do any comparison shopping, excel/google spreadsheets are the way to go. I started with just writing in a notebook, but hello, spreadsheets have columns and they can be sorted and columns can be created for each thing you want to know a price of. I love sorting spreadsheets! Wow, geek shining through right there...

Ok going now before the Ambien makes me not make any sense...


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  1. I still use the spreadsheet I did for my wedding. Keeping track of everyone's addresses electronically so helpful!