Thursday, April 8, 2010

Drum Roll Please!!

..... MOB AND AOB both have a dress for the wedding now! I got a talking to over Easter from MOB about why I hadn't posted that she'd gotten hers yet, so I have to post about it! I just wasn't sure it was "the one", considering there have been several dresses purchased since the infamous post. But I do believe this is the one! She loves it and I love it. Now she just needs to get off her crutches in time to wear heels with it :)

I don't have a picture of AOB's dress, but it's a brown maxi dress kind of like this:Except in my family we don't have boobs*! lol. And hers has a circular rhinestone-looking-something at the bottom of the neckline. Very pretty. We found it this past weekend at Ross (I love Ross!)! Success!


*Seriously, we don't. Did I mention my own mother told me I needed more cleavage in my wedding dress?? LOL Yes, my mother is insisting I wear a push up bra.


  1. Ross is so awesome! Glad to hear they have their dresses.

  2. oh, never mind...Aunt of Bride.

    Love the dresses.