Monday, April 26, 2010

Wedding Planning is In Tents!

Get it? In tents = Intense! Go ahead, laugh. You know you want to.

Yeah, not all weddings are actually in tents, but mine has to be. Not that I want it to be, more like if I don't rent a tent it WILL rain. It may even rain if I do rent a tent, but either way, with my luck I can't chance that I'll have good weather. (please don't rain, please don't rain, please don't rain) People keep asking if I've checked the Farmer's Almanac. Yes. However, I don't remember what it said (seriously) and I don't believe that things can be predicted that far out anyway. How could it? You can't predict the earthquakes and volcanoes we've been having lately around the world, so how would you predict if there will be tiny little raindrops on my wedding day? To apease those, let's do a little experiment. I'm going to pick two dates and let's follow up and see if the FA is right. K? Ok actually online it only gives you free forecasts up to 2 months, which apparently is only til the end of May, so we're limited here. Let's start with... May 8th in Kansas City, MO (where I'll be visiting MOH Ryann!) and May 14th in Philly (Bridesmaid Amanda's Bachelorette Party). I'd like to try another summer date when I can, so I'll pick a couple more dates in about a month or so. Anyway, the stupid thing is, it doesn't give you weather for the exact dates, it's date ranges. As in, May 9-17: A few T storms. Wow, thank you Farmer's Almanac. You've really blown my mind with that one. So as you can tell, I'm not feeling very reliant on FA, which brings me back to needing a tent.

Major find when I went home for the BARKS weekend - cheap tents! (and chairs, dance floor, etc.) There's a party place in my town that I swear hasn't been there for long, but according to the website has been in business for 10 years, and MOH Cassie swears it's been there for at least 5. Anyway, I decided to go check it out and see what their prices were. I've been told by a couple rental companies that I need a 30x60 tent (costing well over a grand), and also by at least one that I need at 50x60 (oh, only about $2500). This place? Well UNDER a grand. And actually about half the price of at least one of the other companies! Free delivery and setup for people within 10 miles of my town - which is awesome because I live 0 miles from my town! Well, MOB does, same thing. They also have chairs for an absurdly lower price than EVERY other place I've looked, and they even give you an additional price break for 100 or more chairs. I haven't seen a quantity price break for chairs ANYWHERE else. They don't have everything I need to rent, unfortunately, but I'm willing to rent everything I can from them and use another company for the rest - the prices are too good to pass up! I also called and spoke to one of the owners one day this past week, and he was awesome. I've spoken to a few rental companies now, and some have been straight up jerks. This guy was super nice, super knowledgeable, and, duh, super cheap! I can't even explain to you all the ways he made me feel confident about using his company. I really wish they rented all the other stuff I need! Oh man, I love getting a deal, and not having to sacrifice service for it!

It really does amaze me, by the way, how much math is involved with wedding planning. I never thought I'd be calculating square footage of a dance floor or area under a tent for my wedding. And trust me, you really should try to calculate it yourself or look to others who have done it for help. I got so many different size quotes from so many different rental companies it's ridiculous! How can it be so? They're trying to upsell you, the jerkfaces.

For anyone who needs info. on tent renting, here's a good article from the Wedding Bible, aka Martha Stewart Weddings:


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