Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Work It Girl

New goal - working out. For real this time. Now, by no means am I going to be crazily working out at all times or anything, but going from not working out at.all. to a couple times a week and (semi) watching what I eat is a big step for me. I know I complain a lot about going to the gym, and in the past it's been complaint followed by not going to the gym... but now it'll be complaint followed by going to the gym! I'm well aware that I'm nowhere near overweight or anything, but that does not stop me from wanting to look my best on my wedding day. Who wouldn't want that? These pics are immortalized in albums, on walls, camera phones, and, obviously most importantly, on facebook*, and I've seen plenty of bad pictures in my day to know that I want no part in that. So now that I've hit the just over 5 month mark (AHHHHH!!!) , it's time to get crackin' on this (especially since I'm not planning on crazily working out - this could be a slow process my friends).

I have to give credit here to my wonderful FH, even though it's really just his impatience that's made me change from slacker to... well, slightly less slacker-ish at least. I guess he was tired of hearing me complain about the gym, and told me that I don't have to like it, but I have to want to go or I never will. (He also said something about stopping saying how much I hate the gym.) No, this is not verbatim, and he has a better memory than me so will remember the conversation better, but what I got out of it was basically "put up or shut up." It helped! I really do hate the gym, but now I think about the end goal and instead of being lazy after work, I've started going. Ok, ok, it's only week two, and I've only technically gone to the GYM twice, but I've honestly been busy every night after work and have been doing my workout DVDs and ExerciseTV workouts on demand when I can't make the gym! I'm serious this time, and I'm thanking FH for it. I don't think he really meant to, but he knocked some sense into me. I must disclose that I'm not giving up things I love (beer, delicious food, etc.), but will be doing certain things in moderation. I'm trying this *new* concept of not eating past full. So far, I'm not doing too bad. Sure, I'm drinking a beer right now... but I did not eat past full tonight and haven't had a beer (margaritas don't count) since Friday night. Plus I love beer. Plus I worked out triple time the past two days. Plus why do I have to explain why I'm drinking delicious beer?? (Magic Hat's Odd Notion if you're wondering.)

I am also disclosing that this video is TRUE inspiration for me. If I could post it on my fridge/forehead so that it could be a constant reminder of what I'm trying to get rid of, I would. I totally feel like Christina Applegate IS ME in this scene. Or vice versa, whatever. (fast forward to the 25 second mark):

In recap, I'm going to start half-ass working out (at least for now) instead of not working out at all. Be proud of me, please??


PS I finally did my taxes.

*Just kidding, not most importantly.


  1. Hopefully you made some space in your room to do your workout dvds. Good luck!