Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Update

This is more for me than it is for you. I just like feeling accomplished :)

~get seeds started inside so I can have pretty flowers to see this spring/summer
~tend to my garden so it's ready when the seedlings are
~work out!
~add a couple things to my registry that I can't do online

~return things to Michael's... and buy things at Michael's (I have coupons, and a gift card I keep forgetting to use!)

~get started on VIP corsages (ok, at least THINK about what I want them to look like)
~spray paint my mini chalkboards (awesome yard sale find)
~not spend too much time at $ tree this weekend ($ tree rocks my world)
~go to Ulta (yup, found one) after the recommendation from MOH Ryann on the beauty post the other day, assuming she lets me know what I'm looking for
~check DSW for green wedding shoes (and then when I don't find anything, buy the Louboutins I've recently fallen in love with)
~get black spray paint for painting some of the thrifty finds I've gotten and foresee getting in the future

~oh right, should probably do my taxes considering we only have until Thursday
~send out the mass wedding email!
~start thinking of things to look for at BARKS next weekend!

Yeah... still need to do my taxes. But at least I got a lot of other things accomplished! And let me tell you, gardening itself took like... hmm... 5 hours straight I guess - and I have a tiny little garden! I think that also qualifies as a workout. So I worked out twice as much yesterday! Which makes me feel better about not doing my taxes... AND in lieu of spray painting the chalkboards (I already started this a while ago anyway, just needs a second coat) and the corsages, I DID work on my wedding jewelry. What? You didn't know I got wedding jewelry? Yup! Pretty sure it's a keeper, too. I purchased the necklace and earring set off Etsy (I heart Etsy). The only problem is there are these "beads" on them that make it look... kinda cheesy. So I borrowed jewelry tools from Bonnie and got cracking on taking them off (gotta give her credit, her idea). The necklace looks A LOT better, but the earrings I haven't done yet. Yes, there are only 4 beads total on the set... no, it shouldn't take that long... but I'm hesitant to take them off the earrings because they'll look really bare when I do, so I'm holding off on that until I find something to take the place of the cheesy beads. OH, and I also worked on my invites this weekend. They are thisclose to being done! And by "done" I mean the prototype is almost done and THEN I can start handmaking them all! I'm excited to start to be honest. Plus, I was reading another blog the other day about this girl who sent her invites earlier than "etiquette says" and she's so happy she did so she has at least a rough idea of how many people to expect. Thinking of doing that if I can get the invites ready in time! I also emailed 17 rental companies this weekend (backyard wedding = renting EVERYTHING). I already have 4 voicemails (and about 10 emails) that I haven't checked yet. I hate when you email people and they call you back! Lame-o's.

I heart feeling accomplished.



PS I blame the fact that the corsages didn't get done (or thought about) on watching Paranormal Activity on Saturday night. I got home, called MOB and made her stay on the phone with me until I could wash my face, brush my teeth, and stock up on water, then I locked myself in my room for the rest of the night. Yes, that's where I do my crafts, but I just couldn't focus! We have a pretty big house and no one's ever home and it gets scary...

PPS I HATE that I can't do the symbol for heart on here and really freaking annoyed that when I tried the system actually ate about a paragraph of what I wrote and I had to write it all over again! It thought I was trying to write html. UGH.

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  1. I haven't done my taxes either. Seriously, there are no prizes for doing them early so what's the big deal?