Friday, April 9, 2010

My Vows...

For this weekend. To myself. :)

I, Cyndi, vow to...

~get seeds started inside so I can have pretty flowers to see this spring/summer
~tend to my garden so it's ready when the seedlings are
~work out!
~add a couple things to my registry that I can't do online
~return things to Michael's... and buy things at Michael's (I have coupons, and a gift card I keep forgetting to use!)
~get started on VIP corsages (ok, at least THINK about what I want them to look like)
~spray paint my mini chalkboards (awesome yard sale find)
~not spend too much time at $ tree this weekend ($ tree rocks my world)
~go to Ulta (yup, found one) after the recommendation from MOH Ryann on the beauty post the other day, assuming she lets me know what I'm looking for
~check DSW for green wedding shoes (and then when I don't find anything, buy the Louboutins I've recently fallen in love with)
~get black spray paint for painting some of the thrifty finds I've gotten and foresee getting in the future
~oh right, should probably do my taxes considering we only have until Thursday
~send out the mass wedding email!
~start thinking of things to look for at BARKS next weekend!

Oh I do love BARKS. So so so much! Well, actually, I'm sure the organization is fantastic, but what I really love is the BARKS Yard Sale they have twice a year! BARKS = Byram Animal Rescue Kindness Squad. Byram is a township near my mom's house (as in, so near they don't have their own zip code, they use ours), and twice a year they fill up Wild West City (the big "attraction" my hometown has - try not to be jealous) with donations that they receive. They then have volunteers who make up prices for things as they go, and you end up walking out of there with so.much.stuff for Since everything is donated, any money they make off of it helps the animals they rescue, so not only is everything super cheap, but you're helping the animals. I can't explain on how many levels I love the BARKS sales. And I can't WAIT to show you all the fun wedding stuff I got from there! Oh yes, I am predicting lots. They really have everything there: frames, furniture, glassware, linens, baskets, and lots of random stuff. The only downfall is... EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. it rains!! I'm not kidding. I've been there in torrential rains, I've been there the day after it rained and everything is muddy (it's all outside, and the sale sometimes runs Fri-Sun, sometimes just Sat-Sun), but I don't think I've ever been there when things haven't been wet. It's such a shame to see things get ruined, but they can't do anything about it because there's so much stuff they couldn't possibly cover it all. So usually I go into this just looking at everything without an agenda, but this year I've got a game plane. I've got a list. And I'm pretty confident I'll check off each thing on that list (and then some). Stay tuned!

Here's hoping I get a lot accomplished this weekend. Oh, and...

Happy Birthday Bridesmaid Amanda!!
And Happy Birthday to Aunt Wendy Tomorrow!


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  1. Why have I never heard of BARKS????? This sounds awesome!