Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bouts Bouts Baby

I meant to type up this post first thing this morning, but then I happened upon Endless and got waaayyy too distracted by all the green shoe options! I swear I checked there a couple months ago and they had nothing! Today a quick green shoe search (love websites that have the color option in their search!) turned up about 1,600 shoes. Of course, probably about 1,000 were hiking boots, but I'm currently in the middle of looking through the "pumps" search that turned up 246. *swoon* Don't worry, it wouldn't be right if any of the gorgeous shoes I found actually had my size. So looks like none will be purchased today! Damn me and my average shoe size. But check some of these beautiful babies out:
And now back to posting. So this weekend I took a bunch of my craft "ingredients" home to see what I could come up with while watching back to back Criminal Minds episodes with my laid up mom. We always joke about how my Grandude "supervises" reaaaally well, because he can't do too much these days at the ripe old age of 83. Sure doesn't stop him from telling us the right way to do things from his chair! My mom was definitely supervising me this weekend, which is fine, I understand. She's gimped up and has to hobble around (or crawl on the floor... got some pictures of that!) to do anything. So when I say that "we" did any of these projects, I mean I. She watched and occasionally cleared a space for me to work in.*

Like I said, I brought a bunch of supplies home, not knowing exactly what I was going to get the urge to work on. Then I randomly started working on the Bouts (part deux - for the grandpas and future father in law). I honestly have this new obsession with floral tape. It makes me feel awesome (is that weird??). Let me clarify - it makes me feel like I'm a pro faux bout maker. I started just bunching together some white flowers (trying to make them look a little different than the groom/groomsmen bouts) and the next thing I know my fingers are flying and 3 bouts are floral taped and it's onto hanging out with my new BFF Gluey the glue gun. I busted out some off white ribbon, wrapped and glued away, and the next thing I know I'm putting some light green ribbon around the flowers in some funky manner that just so happened to end up looking like a heart. Score! So now, for the moment you've all been waiting for, here's the final (for real this time... I think) installment of the bouts:

My BFF (Gluey) and I hung out a lot this weekend... we also worked on the super secret mystery project that I guess I stumped everyone on! There's not much more I can show without giving it away, though, but for now, I'll show you it constructed but not yet covered...
Can you guess what it is now? Yes, those are Amazon boxes. Don't judge me. I'm repurposing! And heck, why not?? Wait til you see it covered... on tomorrow's post!


* While I was there this weekend I favorited my blog for her on her laptop. She read all my posts while I was there - hilarious! I heard my full name several times (CYNTHIA FAYE!). Followed by laughter, of course, lol. The day after I left she went dress shopping... don't worry, she ended up buying 2 dresses and is taking both back. The saga continues... :)

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