Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Won't You Be... My Bridesmaid?

Just thought I'd share my bridal party invites with ya'll today. I sent them in, like, October or something, but didn't have a blog back then! I found a spool (or whatever you want to call it) of yellow trim (I also have pink, but that wouldn't go at all...) at my Meamaw's house when we were going through her things after she died. I kept a lot of things for no reason at all, but some I knew I'd find a use for! This would be one of them. I cut out pieces of the trim from the spool in a dress sort of shape and soaked each "dress" in a bowl of bleach and water so the dresses would be less yellow, not quite white, but a little off-white. (I'm not a very big fan of just white, usually I go for the off-white, maybe it's the retro lover in me??) I then hand washed each dress with detergent to get the bleach smell off (it took a few washes actually). I designed the cards myself with funky fonts and printed on off-white cardstock (the cards are double-sided, the pic is of two cards, one showing front and one showing back). I folded over the sides and top of the dress to make it more dress-y, then used glue dots to secure it onto the cards. Ouila! I love the 3Dness of it.

I also went to home depot, swiped a bunch of free paint strips, cut them up, and made each girl a color swatch to use for matching the wedding colors, then included that with the card.

$0 spent! Woot.


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