Monday, August 30, 2010

Bridal Shower Deets

I know I did a quick recap, but I think the details deserve some spotlight. Sorry it's taken a while, but I was waiting for pics to be posted by attendees! It was held at Roundtree Park in Falls Church, VA. It was a beautiful day! Ok, it was a little hot, but we were in the shade, and at least it didn't rain! There was tons of food - sandwiches, fruit salad, veggies, and, most importantly, mimosas! Everything was green :) green table runners, green solo cups, and all the little details MOH Cassie made were green, too! How did she know?! Lol. Check out all the details!

Such a cute area! Even though we didn't sit at those little tables out there, they were still cute (it was too hot out there).

Mmmm Mimosas.

She made this He Said/She Said shower game, using the same green print I used for my invites. How cute are the little sillouhettes? She even wrapped little pencils and attached them to each sheet!

And she made drink stirrers!

I don't know if you can tell, but she sewed fabric on the side of a pop up hamper and it says "Wishing Well"! That's where people put green glass they brought for me. In case you're not aware, I collect green glass, and it was such a great idea for her to have everyone bring me a piece! I don't think anyone really understands how much that excites me, lol.

She even sewed together a banner - which is amazing and I hope FH doesn't mind me hanging it in the house somewhere... only half kidding. :)

Me and my super cool ribbon hat. Oh, and balloons tied to my sash. I walked around with those on for quite a while, wondering why people outside of the shower were staring at me...

No, I'm not angry here. I have like 80 gumballs in my mouth because we were in the midst of playing the infamous gumball game (where they ask you questions about your FH and if you get it wrong you have to chew a gumball, and keep them all in your mouth til the end). I did pretty well, but Bridesmaid Amanda made sure to get the big gumballs. I was glaring at her for this reason. Lol. And probably stumped on a question... But I did really well, I swear! They were just really big gumballs...

And another little DIY project from the weekend for lil ole me? MOH Ryann had her friend Chelcia made me a fun bachelorette fascinator! It had a silver base and hot pink feathers coming out of it and was awesome. It stayed on all night! I actually kind of forgot it was there... but that would be how people knew I was the bachelorette!


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  1. Your shower looks beautiful! How fun! I love all of the details.