Friday, September 3, 2010

It's Really Real!

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We're going to get our marriage license this afternoon. And getting married in 2 weeks (and 1 day)! This is really happening. How crazy! How exciting! How... scary!?

No, I'm not scared to get married... yet. Although I know there's still plenty of time to freak out. I'm scared that things won't get done, or that I'll forget something major! I mean, I know the important projects will get done, but I can't help it. It's what I do. I plan events at work, and this happens when the big ones roll around. Well, what really happens is that I freak out (usually internally) in the days leading up to said event, then the day of I just let go of things that haven't gotten done. I tell myself no one knows what I was planning, so no one's going to notice what's not there. Hmm. Do you see the irony there? Yeah. I have a blog. EVERYONE knows what I'm planning for my wedding. Damn! Maybe that's why I've recently had this problem with posting pictures of my projects. That way, if certain things don't get done, no one will be able to say, "Hey! I saw blah blah blah on your blog. Where is it?" Not to mention I'm all of a sudden having a problem with sharing every detail because I want people to be surprised by SOME things. I guess maybe before there was the chance people would forget about some of my projects and when they see them at the wedding go, "Ooh! I forgot about when I read about that!" But now? The possibility of people forgetting things within 2 weeks is pretty slim. I promise I'll post pics of everything after the wedding. I hope you'll still read my blog after I'm hitched? Pretty sure I'll still have plenty to say if you'll still listen. :)

Like I alluded to above, I've been getting things done that you haven't seen. I still have A LOT (at least in my mind) to do, but here's a taste of some things that I've managed to fit in, inbetween unpacking and cleaning for FH to get here. Yup, FH is here now, for good! :)

- my bolero is practically done. had my fitting with Bonnie this weekend. This was the first fitting, which is ridiculous because she's been doing this all off of measurements she took and it fits perfectly! Can't wait to see the final product!
- placecards - DONE!
- programs - 78% DONE! (I just need to go get more of the accent paper from Michaels this weekend and they'll be completely done!)
- coasters with conversation starters calligraphed on the back - DONE!
- booked rentals for things like plates, utensils, etc.: TaylorRental
- booked potties: Mr.John
- ordered/received the candy for my candy bar (aka candy buffet, but I like bar better): MetroCandy is SO FAST! I ordered it Monday evening and it was here by Wednesday.
- ordered cupcake liners for our dessert (spoiler alert - we're having cupcakes!) from Etsy seller LittleMonsterHugs (I spent wayyyy too much time worrying about this, but I can't help that I wanted them to be pretty! It's ridiculous the things I worry about, and the things I don't. Lol.)

My hair trial's tomorrow, too!

Alright, alright. I'll give you one picture. Let's see if you can figure out what they are!

Happy Labor Day Weekend ya'll!


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