Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weekend Recap

So - my fancy hat shower was this weekend! Here I am (center) with almost all of my bridal party in their hats! I highly, and I mean HIGHLY, enjoyed getting to wear a fancy hat! That dress was awesome, too, and I also wore green shoes :) (of course I did!). Check out the banner behind us that MOH Cassie (to my immediate left) sewed together herself! Yeah, she's not crafty at all... SIKE! I was amazed by all the little details she created for the shower. I wish I had a picture of the he said/she said game everyone played. Super cute! I really can't thank you enough MOH Cassie, Bridesmaid Amanda, Bridesmaid Lela, S-Dogg, Bonnie, LeighAnn and anyone else who helped with set up as well! Above and beyond!

Later that night it was off to my bachelorette party! We had some drinks at one bar, then went on to another one that no one would tell me what it was but I could tell it wasn't just any normal bar! Turns out... it was a drag bar - complete with drag queen show!!

It was HILARIOUS!! I think everyone had a really great time - myself included!! So thanks to MOH Ryann for planning my awesome party and everyone else who came out to make my night so FABULOUS!

I did make MOH Ryann do one wedding project while she was here (and she was thought she'd get away without doing one!). My favors are done - yay! They're mini candy scoops for people to take to the candy bar (aka candy buffet). I even sent them home with MOB to be stored for the wedding. I get great joy when I have things done and can take them there. That way I can't look at them or change them!

Here's hoping I can get rolling on some more projects in the next couple weeks (ummm since I only have less than 6 weeks left!!!)! I think I've just about reached a stage in my unpacking (from moving) where I'm just going to stop so I can get projects done. Unfortunately that means there's still going to be boxes everywhere for a while! Only visitors helping with wedding projects (or unpacking) are allowed from now until the wedding date! :)



  1. Cyndi - Looks like you had a blast, your hair looks great, too!

  2. If I can do any projects LD let me know!

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