Friday, August 13, 2010

Signs, Signs, Everywhere There's Signs

Inspiration. Via Homegrown Wedding.

Now I know I'm not going to be the first bride to do this, mainly because the reason I'm doing it is because I've seen pictures of other brides doing it and clearly just want to steal the idea, but I'm having homemade signs at my wedding!

Those are my actual signs. Well, some of them. I have 4 of them done so far, with 4 more on backorder. No, not backorder from a store, these are homemade, yo! My Grandude has been cutting old fence posts, drilling the holes in the top for ribbon, and painting them white. Then AOB has been stenciling on the wording. They honestly look better than I thought they would! Not that I thought they would look bad, but that just means I think they look pretty awesome and I'm very impressed with their handywork.

I don't know what it is about backyard weddings that scream (to me) "You need signs!" Clearly it's not because our yard is so big they won't be able to find the different activities throughout the night. But, they're cute, and for some reason I feel they are very necessary. So, I'm having signs out front that point to the backyard where the wedding will be, signs that say "cocktails", "ceremony", "reception", and even some that mark off where the bathrooms and the smoking area will be*.

There was a slight dilemma that arose when we were trying to figure out how to stick them in the ground. Grandude refused to attach stakes to them because he said the wood of the signs would split (he's probably right). Then I had an "ah-ha" moment and remembered I bought a bunch of shepherd's hooks from Dollar Tree a few months ago. Done! So that's why the holes were drilled and I just finished attaching the ribbon to the tops of the 4 I have so they can be hung directly from shepherd's hooks. These are shepherd's hooks, if you're not in the know:

Via Google Images

You like??


*Smokers take note - yes, there will be a smoking area. Grandude has emphysema and can't breathe in the smoke. Plus, well, I'm not a fan either!


  1. they look awesome! what are you using to hang them on?

  2. Not sure how I didn't see the end of your post! Those hooks look like they would be perfect! I see your family likes to DIY too (or did you make them??)