Monday, August 23, 2010

Los Fotos - Part I

I had a great conversation with my photographers (Hughes Fioretti) over Skype* last week, and they claim to read my blog, so let's see if they do ;) We're flying them up from Orlando, Florida to do our wedding. Yeah, they're just that good. I'd met the female half (Julie) before, she's a good friend of MOH Ryann (who used to live in O town), but this was my first time meeting the male half (Gary) via Skype. These two are so excited to come up north to do our wedding! I guess a lot of people envision beach weddings with palm trees as their perfect backdrop, but that's what they do all year long, so they're excited to see real trees and mountains and changing leaves! Guys, if you're reading, there were a couple trees already starting to change this weekend so you may get your wish!

So anyhoo. Part of my job when I went home this weekend was to scope out some photography sites for the pre ceremony shots (first look and bridal party shots) and also for our day after session. For those not in the know, a first look is when bride and groom see each other before the ceremony, and the photographer catches their first look at each other. Like so:

Via WeddObsessed

Some brides don't like this idea because it involves seeing the groom before the wedding, but, personally, I love it. I love the sneak attack the bride gets to pull on the groom, I love getting the genuine reactions of both bride and groom without everyone else around, and I love that we won't have to miss out on the reception because we're busy taking photos (this goes for the bridal party shots as well).

For those wondering, I am not doing a trash the dress as my day after session. Yes, I believe I am wearing the dress again. But I can't fathom trashing it :( So, it will just be an extra session of photos in a different location!

Onto the locations. In this post I'm going to present options for the pre ceremony pics, and would love your input!

Spot #1: Lake Musconetcong

Selling points: swans, benches, random "aisle" leading to lake, real live lily pads, under 5 minute drive from the house

Spot #2: Lake Musconetcong (different spot)

Selling points: Same as above except this is literally around the corner from my house (and minus the swans). An under 2 minute drive. Those mountains across the lake usually change color in the fall (obviously it's the TREES on the mountains, not the mountains themselves), so that may look cool.

Spot #3: Hopatcong State Park

Selling Points: It's a state park so it has trails (although I've never been on them). Also on a lake, has stairs/fun things to play around on, has a beach (although it's kind of dirty), has a waterfall (I couldn't get close to due to how crowded it was). One con is that it gets filled to capacity early and, while we should be able to get in the park around 4:30, there will probably still be a lot of people around. About a 5-7 minute drive from the house.

Soooo where do you think we should do our pre ceremony pics? Spot #1, #2, or #3? Be on the lookout for Part II, which will show options for the day after session. If any of you locals out there have any ideas for those, please feel free to add them in the comments! I think I have plenty for the pre ceremony shots, though, especially since we're trying to keep it close to the house.


*If you don't know what Skype is, you're missing out. Basically it's FREE video calls to anywhere in the world (all you need is a webcam), and FH and I wouldn't be where we are today without it. GIVING CREDIT TO BRIDESMAID AMANDA HERE FOR INTRODUCING US TO IT! :)


  1. I liked spots 1 and 3 best. What about 1 for the before shots and one for the after shots?

  2. I do stalk your blog! See!! :) Looks like you have votes for 1,2 and 3 so far haha... I'll look them over with Gary and let you know what we think! Great job with the photos and details.