Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Don't "Répondez S’il Vous Plaît"?

I've been told by several reliable sources (i.e., friends who have been married, other bridal bloggers) that when you send out your wedding invitations you get a FLOOD of RSVPs right away, then they trickle off, then you get another flood closer to the respond by date.

So... what happens if you don't receive the first flood?? FH sent his portion (the UK portion) of our invites out on July 6th or 7th. Not counting his groomsmen, parents, and select family members (who I know are coming), we have received one official RSVP from his side - and it was a no (a no that we already knew). I sent my invites out on July 14th and have received an average of one RSVP (per family/couple) every two days since then. At 84 invitations that went out... and 3 weeks later... that's pretty bad. I keep emailing the hotel for an updated rooming list but there haven't been that many people who have booked rooms yet either (NOTE TO THOSE ATTENDING: the group rate is only until Aug. 17th!), but I have been able to add a couple people down as a yes due to the fact that they booked a room. I don't want to be rude, I'm just scared! It's hard to plan things when you have no idea how many people are coming, you know? I completely understand situations in which people may not be sure if they can come just yet. The part I have an issue with is that I think there are a lot of people out there who just think I know they're coming. I don't intend this to sound bratty or b**chy whatsoever, but... well... I don't. Bridal party, yes. Grandparents, yes. Siblings, yes. Anyone else? I truly don't know if you're coming unless you tell me.

I think people have a hard time telling people they can't come to their wedding. I suppose it's a hard thing to tell someone. Honestly, I promise I'll understand if you can't make it! Sure, you'll be missed. Yes, I'd love it if you could make it. But I promise I won't be mad or upset if you can't make it, for whatever reason!

I know this blog only reaches like 10 people who were invited to our wedding, but I think it's a stressful topic brides deal with a lot so I just thought I'd bring it up*. Truth be told, I think it's probably the #1 stressor throughout the wedding planning process. Not just for the wedding day count, but bachelorette parties, showers, rehearsal dinners, etc. That's a lot of RSVPs to deal with, for all involved in the planning! I have seen it a lot on blogs when it's closer to a bride's wedding date and they're frantically trying to figure out who's coming to their wedding at the last minute! Not gonna lie, that sounds pretty scary to me... I only have a little over 2 weeks left until my respond by date and worry that I'm going to have to start chasing a lot of people. Fingers crossed for a super flood of RSVPs in the next 2 weeks!

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Any suggestions (or RSVPs :) ) are more than welcome!


*Ok, and vent a little. I'm only slightly freaking out that less than 20 people (of the 145 invited) have RSVP'd and there are only 2 weeks left for the respond by date...

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  1. Perhaps it is time to lose the RSVP and write -

    Please confirm you will or will not attend by (date)