Monday, August 2, 2010

Shower/Bachelorette Party Weekend!

Sorry I've been MIA. This whole "moving" thing is cramping my style. I couldn't even go near any wedding projects until a huge chunk of the boxes were unpacked. Mainly because I A- couldn't find them and B- wouldn't have room to work on them anyway! Who wants to make pretty corsages with boxes towering all around them? Not this girl. So, since no wedding projects/planning have been going on, and lots of other stuff going on in my brain, that equals no blog posts. But guess what! My bridal shower/bachelorette party are this weekend!! I honestly cannot believe it's here already. August 7th seemed soooo far away not too long ago. And I don't feel like I've been engaged for almost a year either! Boy, time sure does fly.

As promised, here is a pic of the dress I'll be wearing to my shower this weekend.

And Bonnie came by on Saturday to finish off my hat box! This box used to be a floral hat box my Meamaw had. I really wanted a hat box to carry my hats to my shower in, and decided to use hers, then decided to cover it in green fabric (it was a bit of a "dated" floral pattern, plus I'm not too big into floral patterns... which I'm realizing is funny because my shower dress is floral, lol), then had Bonnie do it for me. :) I promise it's not as neon and stupid looking as my camera makes it out to be. (Yes, I tried with both flash and no flash. Seriously, my camera hates me.)

Here are all the hats I'm bringing to the shower! There are 4 hats in this box - a yellow one in case someone needs one, the black one MOB called dibs on, and the two hats I'm wearing.

My first hat was one of Meamaw's hats. BRIDESMAID AMANDA had the bright idea to add a peacock feather to it. I think Meamaw would approve.

And here's the green one that matches my dress!

Next up - bachelorette party dresses! I know absolutely no details about my bach. party. All I know it's in DC somewhere. I asked that people wear dresses, pretty much just so I could wear one. :) However, I have TWO dress possibilities, and I need your help! Check out the pics below - which one do you like best? Sorry I'm not wearing them. It was another moving-related errands/unpacking/organizing/setting things up sweaty gross day, and I was not about to put any of these dresses on and post pictures of myself looking like that. Oh, yeah, and I didn't want to get them dirty either. So use your imagination for the shape (first is flowy), but I'll tell you that they both look good on me. I'm not one of those "everything looks good on me" type of people, whatsoever, but would I really post two dress options if they didn't both look good on me? Nope. I'd probably just wear the one that does!

Two very different looks - both green (well, the second one is black with different greens in the middle). Come on, would I really not wear a dress without green in it??! :)

So what's your vote?



  1. my vote is for the second one.

  2. i also vote for the second one! and love the finished hat box!!

  3. i vote for the all green one. :)

  4. I vote for the second one. But definitely bring both.... Love the hats!