Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Los Fotos - Part II

This one's going to be a little more difficult. I'm open to ANY possible suggestions for this one because I'm having a lot of trouble with it (btw I'm thinking #1 from the last post for pre ceremony shots, open for discussion with the photogs of course).

There are so many beautiful mountains and farms in Sussex County, but I don't really want to just drive around all afternoon trying to find a spot in them. Does that make sense? I mean, you can see them, but I'm not sure they're open to the public or accessible?

Spot #1: The place I really want to go to, Waterloo Village, is shut down with NO TRESPASSING signs all over the place. Gary (one of our photographers) says we can hop the fence... but it's a pretty big fence and with my luck we'd get caught! Sigh. Unfortunately since it's been shut down to the public since 2007, I couldn't get inside to get any photos of my own.

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Spot #2: Wild West City is exactly what it sounds like - a recreated wild west town with fake (sometimes) shoot outs and people dressed up in old western gear. I've never actually been here other than when they shut it down and hold a massive yard sale for the local animal rescue, so I can't really say anything good or bad about it.

Spot #3: Hopatcong State Park. You may recognize this from my last post. I feel like at first glance Hopatcong State Park doesn't look like much, but there are a fountain and a dam I haven't seen (I called it a waterfall, my bad) and there's water all around (the lake as well as the Musconetcong River). It says it's 9 miles long, too. Plus going on a Sunday for day after shots should be much less crowded than Saturday afternoon for the preceremony shots!

Spot #4: What about Mountain Creek? I love going skiing up there in the winter, but can't say that I've been up there in the off season, when, like most ski resorts, they turn into a water park/hiking location. Don't really want to do a super amount of hiking in my dress, not gonna lie! BUT it's probably the prettiest location! It's about 25 minutes away, though.

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So what do you think? Any other ideas?


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