Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pieces of Me

I've mentioned before that I'll be using "pieces" of green glass as my centerpiece in lieu of flowers or anything else. Let me clarify. A "piece" of green glass is what each... piece is called. It's like how one might say a "piece" of art. I do not mean "piece" as in little tiny pieces of glass. It's just what you call it when you collect glass like this. Sure, you can just say "green glass" and I'm sure I do that sometimes, but I wanted to make sure people knew I would be using varying sizes and shapes of my green glass collection. I have to share this story, because I think it's pretty funny. Bridesmaid Amanda "Where do you get your pieces of green glass from?" Me "Ummm thrift stores, yard sales, etc." Bridesmaid Amanda "Oh... I thought you were smashing them and using the little pieces..." Ok not verbatim because my memory is terrible, but basically she thought I was using broken glass as my centerpieces, LOL. Of course she backed up her statement by saying that she knew I would make it look awesome, but come on, it's still pretty funny. :) Especially considering she's SEEN my bedroom, which is where a lot of my green glass collection is.

I've actually started cleaning and packing away a lot of it since I'll be moving at the end of July and will need to have it all packed up and ready for the wedding anyway (and a lot was already packed away since I live with roommates and can't decorate my house with it yet), so there's not nearly as much around as there used to be. I tried to put together a sampling of what my centerpieces could look like while I was packing some away, just so you all know what I mean by "green glass centerpieces".

There will be much more varying heights once I have everything out. Like I said, these are just the "pieces" I was putting away at the time. I have many, many (many) tall vases to add in for some height. As you can see, I have all different colors of green glass, which is what pulls together my wedding colors of varying greens (not just one specific green) and black.

I saw a cool idea the other day on Something Green (love that site). Not sure I'll use it for my wedding, but adding a tray under pieces of glass for centerpieces or room decor? Genius. Simple, but genius.



  1. Ok I'm with Amanda on this one. I totally thought you were putting together these pieces of green glass. Like a beachy-artistic collection in vase or something.

  2. well clearly my friends don't pay very close attention to me and the fact that i've been collecting GREEN GLASS for like 10 years!

  3. maybe said friends don't hang out in your bedroom a lot? sounds like you need to host a sleepover party!