Thursday, August 19, 2010

Today, Yesterday, and Tomorrow

Today is a lot of things. Today is the day before my RSVPs are due. *cough* I'd like to say today is the day I book my porta potties, additional rentals, and photobooth, but that really depends on their price quotes and response time. So today is the day I email all those people and attempt to get some booking done! Oh right, and today is exactly 30 days from our big day! (According to; I would've thought it was yesterday since it was the 18th!) 30 days from today, I'm getting married. I really truly have no idea where that year long engagement went! I'm excited, but I'm also trying really hard not to have a major freakout! I have so much left to do, and only 30 days to do it! Do you have any idea how fast 30 days flies when you're planning a wedding?
Two words:

Yesterday I had my "final" dress fitting (turns out I needed a couple more nips and tucks so I now have another final dress fitting Sept. 8th). So glad I finally have my jewelry and shoes decided, though!

Tomorrow (well, Friday - Sunday) I'm going home (AKA my wedding venue) even though my house is still a disaster area from moving - sorry FH but it looks like that's just how it's gonna be when you get here (in less than 2 weeks!!)! Other than the wedding weekend I was planning on only going home Labor Day weekend. Yeahhh I realized I definitely should go this weekend after starting to make a list of things I can do while I'm home. It's a pretty long list. It includes a site walk through with the tent guy, meeting with my caterer, meeting with my DJ, and scoping out photography locations for our first look and day after shots! The last one's my favorite :) One of my photographers is pushing for Wild West City for the day after shots. I'm not opposed to it, but I guess I think it'd be more me than FH? I got me some country roots but he's... well, he's British! I don't think they had British cowboys... But I have an email into WWC to see if we could get in there and we'll see what they say. I'd rather not have to pay admission to get pics taken in front of wild west cheesiness :) But if they let us in for free, that could be another story altogether...

I know I haven't posted much lately in the way of projects. It's not that I haven't been working on any, I have, but they're either slow going and not finished or I forgot to take pictures at the time. :( Don't worry, I'm sure there will be plenty in the coming weeks, and even after the wedding as well! Last weekend Bridesmaid Amanda, Bonnie and I worked on our "nuclear bombs" as their sig others called them (who were present during this project). AKA LED throwies for my chinese lanterns (they'll provide light for the lanterns with the battery operated LED light, versus having more string lights). They're done! I ordered my chinese lanterns from As soon as those come in I have to figure out how the LED lights will get attached. I'm thinking fishing line, but need to see how the lanterns are constructed inside. I think I may need to stock up on fishing line before the wedding... Michael's must sell it, right? Since so many people use it for projects? I'll check that out this weekend when I go home.

Hopefully the LED project will make my tent look like this! Except, green instead of blue, of course. :)




  1. Michaels sells equivalent to fishing line but it is expensive for a small amount. If you go further North on 206 past the Shoprite and that Mountainview Diner - almost to Andover there is a Tackle Shop/Fishing place and they'd probably have it more in bulk cheaper. I've been to Micheals about 8 times in the last 3 days, so trust me. Ha.

  2. I am pretty sure I bought my fishing line at Walmart or Target. I can't imagine I paid more than a few dollars for a large thing.

  3. I was at a wedding last month and was one of the folks responsible for those throwie things in the lanterns the day before. It might've just been us (I am not even a little bit crafty), but we found the fishing line pretty tricky to use- it kept slipping, the battery pack things were moving around, and of course we ended up with tons of it all over the place cause we couldn't see it, being clear. We ended up sending someone out on an emergency run to a hardware store where they picked up a spool of what looked like twist tie material (wire wrapped in plasticy stuff). It even had a cool clipper thing on the spool for cutting it. The stuff was great cause we could quickly and easily get the battery packs to stay right where we wanted them to, without their weight pulling them down and slipping around. No clue how much it cost, but I'm pretty sure you could find it at a regular hardware store. And those are my 2 cents. :)

  4. Have you looked at Sav-on-Crafts? They have a lot of the lighting stuff for weddings. Their prices great(but watch the shipping price).