Friday, May 7, 2010

KCMO, yo

I'm going to see MOH Ryann this weekend! Woo hoo Kansas City here I come! We're going to do so much DIY it's ridiculous!! I'm bringing all my supplies in my carry-on and she's SO excited to help me with all my projects!! She's been telling me for weeks how she can't wait til I get there and we can DIY our faces off!

Ok so yeah we're just going to drink a lot. It's kind of what we do. Plus I'm not even sure she knows what DIY stands for.

Obviously no craftiness will be getting done this weekend... or next because it's Bridesmaid Amanda's bachelorette party!!

See ya'll on the flip side.


1 comment:

  1. HEY NOW!!! i believe it was JUST last week I pointed out that I had started my very first DIY project. No, it's still not done. But, I do have a Saturday AM deadline - so I'm on it!!!!
    I miss you. Come back. Better yet, when you married, MOVE HERE!!!!