Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bridal Buffness

Maybe not "buff" so much as "slightly more toned", but I like kitschy titles. I get sad when I can't think of one...

So update on my bridal buffness - I went to the gym, wait for it... wait for it... 4 times last month! WOW! Look at me! Ok I know it sounds pathetic but 1 - I did my workout videos way more, so just not going to the gym doesn't mean I didn't work out and 2 - my new realization is that I don't hate gymS, I just hate gym equipment. And, unfortunately, the gym in my building is mini so all there IS is gym equipment. Not to mention I really do think people watch you there, and I don't like that! FH says "No one's watching you, that's all in your head!" But my response is that I watch people! So why would it be so far-fetched to think they watch me?! I am what you would call a "people watcher", though. Like, everywhere I go, not just the gym.

Last weekend when I visited MOH Ryann in Kansas/KCMO (it's all like the same area), she forced me into taking a turbo kickboxing class with her at the gym. Ok fine, I went semi willingly. And then I almost died. That class was HARD. BUT - if my gym were able to have classes like that? I'd probably take them. I also realized that her gym is huuuge, and that if I went there, I wouldn't feel like people were watching me as much because it's so big. I'd feel much more comfortable in a big gym. Plus there was a pool. I'd totally swim as my workout if I had a pool handy. That's what I did back in high school! I just swam all day, all summer long (I was a lifeguard), and ate constantly, probably because I burned it all off so quickly. But, alas, I do not belong to a big gym, nor would I join one where I am due to the whole "I don't drive my car ever" thing.

My big revelation has been that for me, it's unrealistic to think that I'm going to actually go to the gym regularly. Why do that when I actually despise going? I talk myself out of going a lot because I'd much rather go home and do a cardio/pilates/yoga workout there. So why shouldn't I? I'm still working out, and actually enjoying it! And nobody can watch me except my guinea pigs :) Alright so my new plan is to start going to bed earlier (like before 11:30), and getting up just a mere 20 minutes earlier every day to do a quick workout. I will go to the gym once a week and run/bike/elyptical. Yup, just once. And I will do home workouts after work a couple times a week, too. I love that Comcast On Demand offers free Exercise TV workouts. There are so many to choose from, and you can also choose from 10-30 minute workouts if you want. So I will do one of their AM workouts before work, and another workout in the evenings. My goal is to do the AM workouts every weekday morning, but I'm going to start out with trying to just do a couple a week so I can get into a routine. I am a night person, so this is going to be pretty hard for me to change!
I know it doesn't seem like much, but I don't necessarily need to lose weight, I just want to be in the best shape my body can be in. I know I'm small, but in my mind, I want to look better, and I don't see anything wrong with wanting to better yourself unless you want unrealistic things.

Basically, I'm just putting this in writing so I have to do it.


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  1. lol - you make me laugh!
    i'm glad you had fun @ the gym in KCMO :)
    and truth be told, as a work out fanatic - it doesn't matter what you do/where you do it - just do something - and you'll feel better :)
    and i know you don't believe me about this, but you'll get hooked on 20 minutes then you'll wanna do 30 minutes, and more and's quite fun really.

    xoxoxo - either way, i'm sure you'll look AMAZING on your wedding day!!!