Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Last Week's Secret Project Was...

...a faux fabulous bouquet for Bridesmaid/Bride-to-Be Amanda! MOH Cassie and I joined forces to make it all happen. She made the flowers and I did the arranging and decorating of it. Amanda's going to use it as her bouquet for her wedding rehearsal (I hope!).

Here's how it was done:

MOH Cassie made the flowers (I'm trying to get her to do a guest post tutorial!) and glued stems onto the blooms. The stems are bound together using floral wire to form it into a bouquet.

I decided to add little tulle circles inbetween each bloom.
I think it adds a little something, don't you?

I wanted the "handle" to be thick and cushy, so I started with some scrap fabric to bulk it up a bit. I wrapped and hot glued, wrapped and hot glued, wrapped and hot glued...

...and then I wrapped and hot glued lots of navy fabric around it as well. I added the white lace at the top and bottom (hot glue again) to class it up a bit.

I only had a little bit of some shiny navy satin, so I cut it into strips and glued it on in a spiral, then added navy buttons on there. Want to guess the first thing that popped off when I gave it to her? Yeah, one of the buttons! Lol, but I was well aware that this could happen. Her nickname ain't "Hot Mess" for nothing!

People kept asking her to pose with the bouquet all day, so I guess it looks pretty good!
I'll fix the button before the rehearsal... :)


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  1. I SWEAR it wasn't my fault! Or maybe it was...probably it was...
    It is SO gorgeous and every time I went to put it down for a picture that person would say, "no! no! i want the flowers in it, too!" Truly awesome.