Thursday, May 13, 2010

Everybody Hurts... Sometimes

In my case, volleyball hurts. My finger hurts. And is SWOLLEN. Oh, did I mention it's my left ring finger? And that it's been swollen for over a month now? Yeah. I'm getting annoyed. I never hear any other brides talking about how their ring finger got injured in the months leading up to their wedding. Oh, right, probably because this would ONLY HAPPEN TO ME!! I should start with that I never ever ever wear rings when I play sports. Never have, never will. Well, maybe I did back in elementary school, but it was probably short-lived and probably the reason I don't wear them today. So when I got engaged it was a no brainer for me - I would take it off when I played. My reasons where the engagement ring are concerned are: I'm uber worried about losing my diamond. And I am prone to finger jamming. I think part of it is due to the fact that for years I would automatically reach for the volleyball with my hands open (not when I'm bumping of course), not closed. So my fingers bent backwards a lot. And for some reason, it always seemed to be my RIGHT ring finger that jammed. Before my left one jammed, I would always say thank god it's my right and not my left, but then follow it up with something like "That would so happen to me." Yup, it did.

A volleyball came to me really low in a game one night and basically got caught between my left ring finger and the floor. Yup, ow. And now I can't wear my engagement ring on my left hand. And let me tell you something - people notice these things! They're like *gasp* "where'd it go?!". Other hand, calm down, it's still here. I've heard "Oooh I didn't want to ask..." and gotten crazy wide-eyed stares when I show my right hand. People think for some reason that I'm unengaged when I move it to my right hand... isn't that strange? Like wouldn't I just not wear it or something?? I don't personally know anyone like this, but have read on blogs that some people wear it on the right hand anyway because the left is reserved for your actual wedding ring or some crap.

Anyway, I'm over it. I'm ready for my finger to stop being swollen so I can wear my GD ring on it. I don't like it on my right hand!! I've been taking ibuprofren to reduce the swelling, I've wrapped it with finger wrap stuff, tried ice, tried heat, tried icy hot.... My DR told me it could take up to 12 weeks for my finger to go back to normal and that there was really nothing I could do that I wasn't already doing. The funny (NOT SO FUNNY) thing is that everytime I've ever jammed my right ring finger in the past I never did ANY of these things, and it went back to normal, and definitely didn't take this long.

I am going to be insanely pissed off if I can't wear my engagement ring OR WEDDING BAND THAT I'VE ALREADY PURCHASED on my wedding day. Just sayin.

Any advice?! Is there a doctor in the room?


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