Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Londy Londy Londy

Headed to London town today to visit the FH, and I'm excited to see what the fashion trend that grabs me is going to be this time! I know people think NYC is fashion-forward, but I never see anything that impresses me when I'm there. Everytime I go to London, though, I get snagged by one trend or the other, and bring it back with me. They may sound simple, but the trends I've fallen in love with in the past are:

The color purple

The saggy hat

Chinese fans (looks like these are a hot trend again this summer, they're still on my favorite UK store's website!!)

Clearly these are all very technical terms for the trends ("saggy hat"). I'm telling you, though, it's not like I see it in one place. Each of these trends I saw EVERYWHERE in London, from the store windows to every other girl on the tube. Apparently Brits take a trend and really run with it! I love it, though. It's pretty funny, though, that whenever I've pointed these out ("Oooh there's another girl wearing purple!" "Oooh there's another saggy hat, I want one!!"), FH is completely oblivious. I know men tend to not particularly... well, notice things, but come on, how do you not notice every other girl on the tube wearing purple?? I'll let you know what's trending in London this Spring when I get there. Hopefully it'll be something GREEN!! :)

Of course I'm excited to see FH, too, but I can't lie and say I'm not excited to go to Accessorize!! It's the equivalent of our Claire's, but awesome instead of lame. So really the only thing it has in common with Claire's is that there's one every 2 feet.


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  1. Awesome post...I'm excited to steal your hard trending work for myself!