Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Guest Book Ideas

This week I'm working on a secret project so I can't post about it... I can tell you only that it may or may not be partially blue. I'll post pics next week! Muwahaha :)

In the meantime... I recently decided on what I'm doing for a guestbook. I guess I'll tell you. I mean, it's not like everyone who's coming to my wedding reads this blog, right? Sure. Well, I decided on a photobooth guestbook! You know, where you have a photobooth and doubles of the pics come out and people paste them into an album and write nice things in there? Yeah, that. I kind of need to find a photobooth vendor and all, but that's a minor detail...

Anyway, all along I've been waiting for some unique version of a guestbook to just jump out at me and make me fall in love with it, and of course the second I decide on the photobooth guestbook, I find this:
Curse you Martha Stewart!!
Just kidding, I love you...

That's right, it's a quilt where people write on the squares and someone sews it together so they'll have it forever. *sigh* How freaking cool is that? Martha, you've done it to me again. Or, rather, your executive assistant has because it's her wedding. Grr! I know I could give up the photobooth guestbook, but what's the point? I'm not giving up the photobooth, so there'd be no point in not using the pics in a guestbook and there'd obviously be no point in having both the quilt and the photobooth guestbook. However, I'm not giving up completely. If I ever have a child, I want somebody to do this at my baby shower. That's right friends, take note. I won't forget either. AOB Cheri quilts in case you're wondering who I'd volunteer to put it together :)

Anybody else know any unique guestbook options? I love seeing new ones like people signing guitars or skis. I tried to think of something like that for us, but couldn't think of anything! I guess I have to leave some of the cool ideas for other people to have as their own!


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