Friday, May 14, 2010

Look Out World!

There are a few things I'm well known for not doing: hugging, calling people on the phone (outside of work), and wrapping presents (I tend to stick to gift bags). And, I mean, people know this about me. My friends will warn other people not to hug me lest they receive an awkward half hug back and think I hate them. Some *cough* Amanda's FH Mark *cough* like to hug me simply because they KNOW I hate it. Some will say to each other, "You want to know how bad it is? Cyndi CALLED me. That's how bad this situation is." And my friends and family have just come to expect their presents in gift bags.

This is even less awkward than most of my hugs.

In the past week, I've done them all. People in Kansas hugged me. A lot. I've called people on the phone because texting just wouldn't suffice for all I had to b1tch about. I wrapped bridal shower presents. And I have a feeling that's going to continue through the weekend. At least the phone calls and probably even hugging. Oy. Because... this weekend is Bridesmaid/Bride-to-Be Amanda's Bachelorette Party/Bridal Shower Weekend!
And it's going to be awesome. It all starts tonight, so look out world! Or at least Philly.


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