Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Close Call - Way Too Close!

After reading a post over on Weddzilla today, I thought I'd share my own near-tragic ring story.

A little over 2 months after we got engaged, I was shopping for jewelry with one of my bridesmaids and realized the stone was loose in my ring. I started to panic a bit, but she said not to worry, that hers did the same thing before she got it fixed. Apparently when you get it fitted, sometimes the process can jostle the stone - apparently they also don't like to tell you this! She told me I should go back to the jeweler and just have them adjust it, but not to worry, I wouldn't lose it.

A couple weeks later my fiancé was visiting me and it was pretty much the first thing I told him about when he got off the plane. He said we needed to get to the jeweler that week and make sure they fix it.

THAT NIGHT, we went to a basement bar (very cool place, almost like a cave, but relevant because of how dark it is) with a bunch of friends. At one point I went to the bathroom, and when I came back happened to check my ring (because at this point I was getting obsessive about checking it), my fiancé did the same, and it was GONE! We immediately went into action - he dropped to the floor of the bar to look for it, I ran back to the bathroom to look on the floor and around the sink (friends with us actually thought I had thrown the ring at him and run off for some reason, lol). I was JUST SHORT of sticking my hand in the trash can (ewww) when I thought I'd come back and see if, by some miracle, he had found it. Guess what - he did! Here's the part of the story where I'm supposed to gush "Myyyy Hero!", except that he'd like that too much :) Anyway, I guess it's true because he did find it... on the floor... of a bar... a VERY dark one at that.. and we were very lucky we both noticed it so quick. He didn't milk that at all... still doesn't... no, not even a little bit... lol.

I immediately put the diamond in a zipper pocket of my purse, and took it to the jeweler to get fixed a day later. They seemed to be not very surprised... which makes me completely believe my friend about the jostling during the fitting process. They didn't actually admit fault in the matter, but did say they would fix it for no cost soooo that to me says "it's our fault". Anyway, I can't exactly say I blame them for not telling people about it every time they size a ring because I think they'd have a lot of paranoid bride-to-be's on their hands. I still completely trust them, and the guy did offer to add a few prongs to the inside of the ring to prevent it from happening in the future. I did have to pay for that, but only a measley $65 or so, since we did not originally get the ring from them. Small price to pay for your sanity (although the paranoia is still present, it is slowly fading).

And here she is, safe and sound:

Close call!


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  1. Yeah that's kinda scary. But beautiful ring! (And hey look! I found your blog! I'm going to add this to my list so you'll probably be hearing from me quite a bit) :)