Friday, February 26, 2010

Beautiful Bolero... Part Deux!

Who knew there would even be a part deux to this post? Not this girl. But guess what - I'm getting my beautiful bolero!! No, I didn't win. I never win anything.* But I got lucky this past weekend (not like that!) and got an offer I couldn't refuse. The offer? "I can make you a bolero." So I thought long and hard about it... for like a milisecond, and that was only being like "whoa, is she serious??" and the deal was done.

Bridesmaid Amanda, Bonnie & I went to my bridal shop (where I bought my dress) last weekend because they were having a jewelry trunk show. Really all I wanted to do was try my dress on again, with some of the 800 green jewelry options I now have in my possession. My real dress won't be ready until April, but I never got any pictures of me in the sample! Done.

You like? :)
Sorry, the FH reads my blog!

So after that trip is when the infamous offer was made and we decided right then and there that we were taking a (10 minute) roadtrip to go get the fabric for said bolero! Done and done.

The fabulous Bonnie of Un de Six is going to make me my dream bolero. Why? Because she's awesome. Am I friends with a super cool clothing designer who is custom making my dream bolero? Yes. Be jealous. I would be if I were you.



*I really don't. Seriously, if I counted how many wedding-related contests I've entered (and subsequently not won) in the past 5+ months of being engaged I would probably cry. Ok, maybe not cry, but I'd at least get slightly annoyed.

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