Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Behind the... Yellow Veil?

Maybe I should change my blog name to Behind the Yellow Veil? I've started noticing an odd obsession I have lately with just about anything yellow. My love for green will never die... but I think I might have to say yellow is now my second favorite color. Last spring I bought a mustard yellow jacket... I then had to have an umbrella to match (white with yellow flowers)... then when I was in the market for new rain boots I became obsessed with a pair that are yellow, white, black and grey (by Kamik).How freaking awesome are they?? I mean, it was a hunt spanning from North Jersey all the way down to Southern Maryland to find these boots in my size. The mission was successful and I love them. Then Valentine's weekend I bought a new work bag... yup, mustard yellow. I really hate the term mustard yellow by the way. Mustard's gross. But, I suppose it describes it better. Otherwise you could be picturing me with this stupid neon yellow bag or something. Oh, right, and my bathroom has somehow become a haven for my yellow obsession, too. I've tried to limit it to sunflowers so I don't end up just throwing everything yellow into the miniscule bathroom that we have. Cuz that could, quite literally, get real ugly, reaaaal fast. Yeah... and I'm wearing a yellow and purple shirt today. I think that was when I truly realized I had become obsessed. If someone stopped me on the street today and asked what my blog name was (because, you know, that happens all the time), they'd be like "But, strange person I stopped on the street to ask what their blog name was, yellow appears to be your favorite color!!" They would be wrong. I would then have to tell them that at the moment, I think yellow is my favorite color to WEAR, but my heart will forever belong to green.

Ok to now prove my allegiance to green and assure it that I'm not leaving it for yellow, I've gone and found some super cute green potential bridesmaid-type-dresses (not for mine, they already have theirs). In order from most to least expensive:

Isabelle Oliver - The Asymmetrical Dress
ModCloth - Grecian Green DressThe Limited - Sleek Strapless Dress

LuLu's - Beyond Gloss Dress

LuLu's - Hello Sunshine Dress

oops... how'd that get in there... :)
(I may or may not have already purchased this one...)
If anyone's in the market for a green bridesmaid dress, or non bridesmaid, or actually any color really, check this site out:
Sites that let you sort by color rock my world. For obvious reasons.


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  1. Did you really buy that yellow dress??? I literally almost purchased it 2 times already, but told myself that I shouldn't. Maybe we need matching dresses??