Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend Amanda (one of my bridesmaids) and I worked on wedding stuff together. She's getting married in June, so I helped her do some inventory, and she let me use her super kickass paper cutter to get some work done on my invites! We watched several episodes of Bridezillas back to back while doing wedding crap. It really is scary how crazy some people are (and that there are men crazy enough to marry them)! But, alas, it's pretty addicting, probably for the reassurance factor that you are not that bad. No matter who may call you a bridezilla during your wedding process *cough* fiancé *cough*, it makes you feel so much better about yourself seeing how absolutely insane these people are! I'm thinking of subjecting fiancé to an episode or two the next time he lets that term slip out - because he clearly doesn't know what a bridezilla is if he thinks I'm one!

Aside from cutting a lot of paper yesterday, I also worked on the following projects:
- deciding on the final design for my invites
- boutonnieres
- corsages for MOB and MOG
- LED throwies for my lanterns I have yet to buy

I think it was a very good thing that we decided to have a "Wedding Crap Day" at Amanda's house. I hope we can make this a habit. Even though I didn't help her much physically, just being there helped her to get things done, and vice versa. I find that when I'm home by myself I have the good intentions of getting a lot of wedding things accomplished, but never seem to get anything done. I get distracted by the cleaning my house needs or other such chores. For so long I chalked it up to having so much time that I didn't need to get anything done just yet, but that thought has got to go! I'm officially down to a little over 7 months to go and I have a list of DIY projects a mile long! It's time to get my bum in gear and start DIYing like it's my job. I've found that if I wear sneakers around my house instead of my comfy slippers, I'm less apt to sit down and more apt to do things, so I'm going to start doing that more often. Hey, whatever works, right?

Here's a pic of the bouts that are so close to being finished! They just need a final drop of hot glue or two in a couple key places and they're good to go. All except the groom's have the buttons on them now, I'll post another pic when they're all done! I'm very proud of them :) All I used were silk flowers (that I got for a nickle at a church yard sale), the leaves from the silk flowers, bright green ribbon from Michael's, floral tape (another yard sale), fishing line (yard sale), and buttons from Aunt Cheri's button jar*. The buttons have a sort of British look to them, which is why I added them (my fiancé and all of his groomsmen are from England). What do you think?

*Buttons from Aunt Cheri's button jar may make a later appearance as well. The jar is a collection of buttons from relatives who have passed away and passed on their sewing materials, because my family does not throw out anything that can be useful! There were some GORGEOUS buttons in there that I'd love to use in corsages and maybe even my bouquet! It was a nifty (and thrifty) find!


  1. Bouts are great (I have seen them in person and they are really wonderful)!

    I think you should add your to-do list on here so we can see what you need to get done. Maybe pass along any ideas we may find?

    And I laughed out loud that Tim is calling you a bridezilla - dvr some for him to watch when he is in town next!!

  2. I started adding things to a to do list on the right. Doesn't look like much right now, but trust me, there's a lot - and plenty of it is time consuming! Don't worry, you'll get to help me :)