Monday, February 1, 2010

Who am I??

Well, first of all, my real job is managing events for a corporate firm, with aspirations of being a wedding planner in the (hopefully near) future. For as far back as I can remember, I've been the go-to person in my family for planning and decorating parties, and sometimes just decorating in general. It's in my blood and it started with my Meamaw.

I also owned more wedding books before I got engaged than I have purchased since I got engaged. I enjoy learning all there is to learn about wedding planning and design, and not just because I'm getting married.

So what's up with the blog name?
I am a lover of all that is wedding-related (getting married in September), and I have an eye for all that is green. In what way? Well, in the fact that I am drawn to anything that is the color green (no matter the shade), but I am also eco-conscious. My roommates must think I'm nuts because we can't have a party without a recycling bin. My bedroom and my wedding have a theme - GREEN (the color). My wardrobe may or may not have the same theme... and I have an unhealthy addiction to buying green jewelry (oh Etsy, you will empty my bank account someday...). Note: I do not wear all green, all the time, so please don't get a visual in your head that I'm walking down the street in head to toe green - that's saved for St. Patty's Day!

Everyone who knows me knows my favorite color, but I don't think it's in an obnoxious way (I would hope my friends would have staged an intervention by now if it was??). I've gotten more "I bought you this because it's greeeeen!"'s than I can count.

So what do I want to do?
Honestly? I'm a little GREEN (hehe) with envy of all the wedding blogs out there, and I mean that in the highest-praise-possible sort of way. I follow so many fantastic bloggers on twitter, facebook, etc. and have been fighting the urge to start my own for a while now because, truthfully, I didn't think (still kind of don't think, I hope I'm wrong!) anyone would follow me.

♪ ♫ But I can't fight this feeling anymore... ♪ ♫

So what will be on here?
I am deep in the trenches of planning and designing my green themed wedding. My plan is to post pictures of the fun things I get done along the way, be it DIY, trials and tribulations of wedding planning, or budget friendly ideas. I hope having this blog will light a fire under my bum to keep the DIY machine going! I'm DIYing A LOT, and so is my bridal party (well, so far I've only convinced one, but it's better than none). I am also a very budget-conscious and bargin-loving person, so don't be surprised if I post my thrift store, flea market and yard sale finds on here, because I am VERY proud of them all!

I would also like to post other wedding-related photos, tutorials, and links to blogs that inspire me. However, I'm still exploring the legalities of posting from other blogs and such, so once I figure that out it can begin. I've got a whole lot of blog love to give to the ladies I follow, and I can only hope they'll love me back!

So who will read all this?
Well, unfortunately, I don't personally know many people who are as obsessed with wedding things as I am, soooo I'm not really sure! For right now, my good friends will be my supporters and readers, and I hope to pick up some more along the way.

Thanks for reading :)

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