Thursday, February 25, 2010


As my blog gets bigger, and my reader reach expands *joyous tear*, I'm starting to take a second look at my posts before I publish them. I hope nothing I post bothers anyone, but please people just realize that I've been told I'm funny by so many people at this point that I'm under a lot of pressure to keep that reputation up. Ahem. So, what shall we talk about today. Hmmm... how about inspiration boards? Safe enough topic, no? The boards below are not only be-a-u-tiful, but there's also something I'm doing at my wedding in each one!

Wedding by Color

Lily and Company

Kelly Oshiro Events

SJB Wedding & Events

Well shoot! Looks like I'm not the only one doing the whole black, white and green thing! And here I was thinking I had come up with something no one had ever done before... :) It's ok, I know mine'll be unique. If for no other reason than all my terrible DIY projects (that you all will have to put up with my posting pictures of for the next 7 months) that I insist upon doing.

Lots of bloggers make inspiration boards online and post them for the world to see, and that's really awesome and all, but for some reason I'm terrible at it. I am creative and good with technology, which should be the perfect formula for creating such a thing, right? I mean, some might even say I'm trendy, fashion forward, a FANTASTIC dresser, and just all around super cool (no? just in my dreams?). Well, I don't know what's wrong with me, but I realized some time ago that I'd much rather look at all the purdy ones other people create than make my own online inspiration board. BUT, I do have my own real life one! Now that, for reasons unknown, I can do. I can cut little pictures out of a magazine and pin pieces of ribbon to a cork board with the best of 'em. Mine is a bit different than most, though, in that it's straight up inspiration, not just color inspiration. Oh, there are plenty of pictures of green beauties on there, but there are also pictures of invites and programs I aspire to do my best impression of, that unfortunately the magazines I pulled them from didn't have listed in every color (how dare they!).

There she is! It's not full and I'm glad it's not. I've still got 7 more months of magazines left! What would I do if it was full already??

Get another corkboard, that's what.


PS I found the clip "Emerald City" in one of the mags and that's kind of what I've been calling my theme in my head... except for the fact that my wedding's not in an urban setting whatsoever. Minor detail.

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  1. Cyndi - I think you're great being authentically you!