Monday, February 8, 2010

Green as in Repurposing

To me, nothing feels better than when I find use for something I've kept for so long not knowing what I was ever going to actually use it for. I mean I get SO excited. Like, "SEE, told you I'd find a use for that egg carton!" Ok maybe I don't keep egg cartons, but I keep a lot of things that a LOT of people would throw away.

On Friday, I read Bowie Bride's blog post on her wedding crafts. side note: I can't believe she's doing everything without a tutorial - what a rockstar! I got inspired by the idea of going through your house and finding things you can repurpose for your wedding. It didn't hurt that we got snowed in all weekend, so I actually couldn't go anywhere to buy anything for projects and had to use what I had on hand! I was way too excited to venture to the basement only to find a massive picture frame that I had taken the picture out of years ago, but couldn't bring myself to throw out. I decided to make it into a massive bulletin board where I will stick escort cards into (or a table listing onto, whatever I decide) for my wedding, and then use it in our house afterwards. Who can't use a bulletin board, afterall?

Luckily I've been saving wine corks for years, because I knew I had to eventually find something useful to do with them instead of just throwing them out. UNluckily I've been saving for 4 years and it looks like I may still not have enough! I've been planning on using them in other wedding projects, so have enlisted the help of family and friends in saving theirs, and now will need even more! For the bulletin board, I decided I wanted to make it mainly corks from foreign lands (or it may just turn out to be corks from other people, since it's going to take so many!). One of my bridesmaids brought me back a bagful from Singapore last summer, and my future mother in law gave me a bunch the last time I was over in England. Needless to say the frame was a bit too big and I need a lot more corks to fill it! Any donations to the cork fund are greatly appreciated :)

this is as far as I got - I need more corks!

I've been sick all weekend, and even stayed home sick from work today, but did manage to get a couple projects done/started/progressed this weekend. Taking yet another cue from Bowie Bride, I'm going to leave you with a wedding craft teaser. Anyone care to take a guess as to what these are going to be??

- C


  1. I have saved some corks, if you need them by the way!! I have thrown out 100 times as many. Unfortunately, they are mostly California labels :)

  2. I most certainly do! If Uncle Randy's heading up to MD anytime soon you can send them up with him! I need as many corks as I can get at this point!