Thursday, February 4, 2010

Green Bling

I'm looking for the perfect green bling to wear with my dress (in case you're wondering, the dress is not green!). My fiancé says, "You need jewelry for the wedding?" and then something to the effect of don't I have something already that I could wear. Silly boy... unless it's heirloom or something that's really special to you - odds are every bride is going to buy special jewelry for their special day! Anyhoo, it should come as no surprise that I want green earrings. I don't care if they're emerald or just green gems, but I found a picture in a magazine of a pair of gorgeous earrings and I am now on a mission to find them for a much more reasonable price elsewhere. My problem is in my head they're perfect, and I'm trying to match them exactly, which seemed easy enough because they are just the stone on an ear hook (or whatever you want to call it). There's nothing else to the earrings. Easy, right? Well, one of the things I loved about them so much were that they are BIG... or at least in my mind they're big, they weren't pictured on a person in the magazine, so I guess I don't really know that they're big. I just WANT them to be big! Don't these look so big and beautiful? But then I find out they're .75", not big!!

This is why Etsy will be the death of me: Do you have any idea how many items come up when you type in the search "Green Earrings"? 59,713. "Green Drop Earrings"? 3,757. "Green Gem Earrings"? 1,023. Sounds like I'm getting closer to what I want, right? Wrong. The problem is... I would consider them "drop" earrings, but a seller on Etsy may just title them "Green Earrings", which brings us back up to the 50,000+ earrings I have to dig through for my perfect pair! And by trying to trim down the search, I add "gem" to the search terms, but then I'm cutting out all the sellers who didn't add "gem" to their item listings. Another issue is that I keep getting caught up in the pictures and how pretty they are... and then I buy them... and then I get them and they're AWESOME, but either they're too small or too casual. It's a good thing I don't mind having extra green earrings on hand :) and luckily, for the most part, Etsy is really cheap.

These are two pairs that I've bought in my search, that I don't mind having because they're beautiful, but they are definitely too small!

And then there's this pair that I "favorited" for a while and were eventually sold. They're pretty close to what I want, but, again, too small.

Can't there just be a big, green, earring store that I can go to and find my perfect earrings at?? Ok fine, I'll admit it, I'm being a little picky. But I'm justifying that by telling myself I shouldn't settle. You shouldn't settle on a husband, shouldn't settle on a dress... so why settle on earrings? Just as important... right? Right?? Well, that's what I'm telling myself anyway :)


  1. cute! do we get to wear green jewelry too??

  2. if you're looking for pretty much solid gem stones and a hook thing, I wonder if you could make them? or have a crafty friend make them? you could be your own etsy!