Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Little Things...

I'd say I started purchasing wedding books about 2 years before getting engaged. You know, when I was single, hadn't even met my fiancé yet, and had no prospect of getting married anytime soon. I told you, I'm just obsessed with weddings!

SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT: If anyone ever wants me to plan or design or do anything at all for their wedding, I'm more than willing. I'm more than able. I'm already there.

In all my wedding research prior to actually getting engaged I never would have dreamed that I'd be looking into the way I'd be folding my napkins. Really? Who's going to care how they're folded? Are the men who attend even going to notice?? The answers are: yes, really - probably not many people - and probably not even one. Maybe if I were renting my linens I wouldn't care. I mean, it's not life or death, if they don't get folded special they don't get folded special. But damn you Martha Stewart, I never even would have THOUGHT about folding my napkins anything but triangular (and probably wouldn't have thought about it until we were setting them out) if you and your 10 (actually, 9) Napkin Ideas hadn't come along. Thanks a lot. Who really needs another task to add to their wedding planning list? Certainly not me. I've got enough to procrastinate already, and now I find myself looking at different ways to fold a frickin' cloth napkin.
To be honest, I'm a bit embarrassed that I now have a "special" way I'm going to fold my napkins (yes, I already decided on one, no, it's not on this page). Can you just see my fiancé's face when I tell him? Or, rather, when he reads this and finds out, since I haven't told him yet?? (love you!) Don't worry baby, I wouldn't trust you or your groomsmen to do the fold right anyway. Bridesmaids - get ready for some foldin'! You too mom. Any other female volunteers who'll be in town right before the wedding are welcome to join the fun, too :)



  1. since i've already been enlisted to help set up for the wedding, i can also definitely help fold napkins. cassie and i have a lot of experience (cough, barone's, cough) folding napkins for hours at a time :)

  2. Cyndi - Those are gorgeous napkin displays! I love beautiful table settings. Because I am not too neat, I just squeeze mine into napkin rings:)

  3. ha, Barone's! Do we get to see a link of the napkin folding you are actually going with!?!