Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Towering Above the Rest...

I went home to visit my ma this weekend/get some projects done since it was a 3 day weekend. It actually helped that my mom and bro only have laptops so there's no computer constantly set up to taunt me and distract me from getting things done. This week I'll be posting pics of a few things I accomplished/just want to show you. I know you can hardly stand the suspense. Try to remain calm.

Anyway, last week I saw this picture of a cupcake tower and got uber excited. You see, I have one that looks just like it! And it was FREE. That's right, FREE, and KICK ASS because it was my Meamaw's. I love incorporating not only repurposed items in my wedding (and everyday decor, might I add), but especially love incorporating repurposed Meamaw items. It helps me pretend like she's there in some way. I found it in her garden shortly after we were engaged and immediately thought, "CUPCAKE TOWER!" So to the right is someone else's cupcake tower in action (don't know where this photo is from, so unfortunately can't give it credit where credit is due, but someone posted it here on Project Wedding), and below is mine! I told you I'd be posting about my finds because I get so damn proud of them! *sniff*

It's funny how two (great) minds can think alike. I mean, people are repurposing things left and right for cake/cupcake stands, but it's really funny (to me...) that I just plucked this out of my Meamaw's garden, something she's had for a gazillion years, and someone else appears to have done the same thing (although I'm pretty sure she didn't take it from my Meamaw's garden).

We're going to paint ours black* and either do a semi circle around it like the action shot above or put some on raised cake platters... or both! Any suggestions for the overflow? Obviously we are having cupcakes. Sorry for ruining the surprise if you were planning on attending my wedding. You'll (probably) never guess what kind though! So there's still a reason to come :)


*FYI, my wedding colors are several shades of green (duh) and black. White and off-whites mixed in as well. Painting lots of the thrifty finds black.


  1. I LOVE cupcake towers. Are you going to eat the cupcakes?? Can't wait to see what other projects you did over the weekend. Post quickly!

  2. Your find is way cooler than the original.