Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Smith Wedding - Part II

...and THEN I continued Part II. I believe we were on dinner. Leena and Smithy got engaged on a trip to Las Vegas, so they used that as inspiration for their tables names - names of casinos in Vegas.

We were at New York, New York.

Dinner, yum.

THEN after dinner there was a surprise...

What's that? Oh, just a casino table delivery truck, no big deal. That's right, they rented casino tables for a little gambling fun (and also continuing with that Vegas inspiration!).

Me, gathering my winnings... really I'm just posting this to show you my hair. You can kiiind of see the yellow fabric flower on the right side of my head by my ear. If you look closely.

Ok here's a closer shot. I was also kind of proud of myself for doing my hair all by myself like a big girl that day! I'm usually terrible at updos, and actually had planned on leaving my hair down and curly, but had a flashback of my Shirley Temple curls from Junior year prom and decided it had to go up instead. It actually did look good. I probably should have had Tim take a picture intended on showing my hair, versus just cropping one.

Another fun cake shot. You don't want to know what some people did with the extra letters. Ok maybe you do, because it was funny, and the bride thought it was as well (most important), but I'm not going to show pictures here.

So while we were gambling away, all of the dinner tables downstairs had been removed and the space had been magically transformed into a dance floor. The venue was classically beautiful for the daytime activities, but when the bright sparkly lights were brought in, was really cool and modern looking.

Not sure what's going on here...

They had a candy bar (sweets table) and a photobooth - I'll take credit for being inspiration for both. :) Fiiiine I guess it also could have been one of the other millions of people who have done those things. Lol.

And another surprise? BURGERS. You bet your a$$ my husband was all over that.

Dance party time!

Oh, and did I mention this wedding went from noon to midnight? (Apparently this is very common in England as well!) Well, it started at noon and we left at midnight - it wasn't over when we left! We were exhausted. I can only imagine what Leena felt like, since she must've been up way earlier than me that day! Although she would have been running on adrenaline, and, um, happiness, or something. :)

Great wedding. Beautiful bride. Lovely venue. Checked my first (of many to come) English wedding off my list!


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