Monday, August 22, 2011

Random Ramblings of the Week 8/22

I haven't bowled in for-ev-er. We're going bowling this weekend for a friend's birthday/The Dude Hates Cancer. So excited! Oh, I'm terrible, but that doesn't mean it's not fun. Hopefully my bowling bag (complete with ball and shoes) will intimidate the other team. At least until they see me bowl... My family is a family of bowlers. I'm pretty sure my parents met while bowling. At least that's the story my father used to tell. This means that bowling isn't just from one side of my family - it's from both. We all have our own balls and shoes... even Tim has bowling shoes now! Which, I'm not supposed to tell anyone about. In his defense, it wasn't by choice. We kind of made him take my cousin's that were still brand new in the box. He was probably going to get them for Christmas from my mom at some point anyway. But he still needs his own ball... (although he very much objects to that...)

I'm not sure how I feel about Google+. If it had come out before Facebook, that'd be great. But I feel like I've got too much invested in Facebook to convert now. The features are great and all on +, but I'm not about to convert all of my friends and posts over there... I mean, think about it. There are some people who finally got on Facebook, do you really think they'll hop on over to +? So basically you'd have to keep both until all your friends converted, which I don't see happening. I'm not saying it's a bad invention whatsoever, I just don't see the need for it really. To me, it's duplicative.

I've been using "duplicative" a lot lately. Funny, even spell check doesn't recognize it.

I love Jem (the cartoon). I wish I could be home every day between 1 and 2:30 so that I could watch Days of Our Lives immediately followed by Jem. In case you didn't know, she's truly, truly, truly outrageous. I had all of the barbie-like dolls and car and Keytar stage when I was little. I also had all the NKOTB dolls, and, like, every other doll any little girl would ever want. That's what happens when your Meamaw's a doll collector (but one that lets you take them out of the box). But back to Jem - when I watch the episodes now all I can think is how all they do is get into life-threatening situations every day and don't even seem to blink about it. They're like, "Oh no the misfits again... oh well, now we're safe." Not, "OMG WE SHOULD PROBABLY GO INTO HIDING BECAUSE THE MISFITS ARE PSYCHO KILLERS. Maybe we SHOULDN'T do this photoshoot on top of a cliff because, oh, wait, the Misfits showed up and scared the bats out of caves at us and now the cliff is breaking and we have to get rescued by a helicopter! No biggie, we're safe now. Let's go model somewhere else dangerous." I also think it's weird that Jem and Jericha, who are actually the same person, are both dating Rio. Wouldn't Jem/Jericha be at least a little pissed that her boyfriend is seeing someone else behind her back... even if the other woman is really her? ESPECIALLY if the other woman is her?? Oh 80's cartoons, how I enjoy analyzing you now that I'm old enough to look past the pretty colors and catchy music.

Oh yes, it is a Keytar - it comes with a strap and everything.

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I also love Jem (the real live singer), probably just because her name is Jem.

I hate pencils. If I HAVE to use one, it has to be mechanical. I can't stand the feel of normal pencils and I hate the feeling of lead writing on paper. I feel the same about chalk. The feel of it in my hand, the scratchiness on paper/chalkboard. *shivers*

It never fails - if I write "gym" on my calendar, I don't go. Guess I have to be more spontaneous to trick myself into going.

Have I shown you this amazing cup? I love it. I think you know why.

Also, it was on clearance. I use it every day of my life now.

Why can't they make claw clips cooler looking? I love claw clips - what's easier than that to put your hair up?? NOTHING. But feel like I'm stuck in the 90's when I wear one. I wish I didn't care, but I really just wish they'd come back, and stay, in style. Are the 90's retro yet?

Ok so that picture's a bit extreme. They don't look THAT bad. Also, Lela, doesn't she look like someone we know??? Hmm...


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  1. Wow! That gave me a double-take. Did you know scrunchies are making a come-back? I haven't jumped on board yet but I can feel it coming (although I also said this about leg warmers...).