Monday, August 29, 2011

Random Ramblings of the Week 8/29

Why do they make toilet paper rolls so hard to start? I always end up just ripping it in the middle. Frustrating.

I really hate the "Let's go eat" phrase the Phillies have adopted. I'm sorry if you like it, but I REALLY hate it. It makes absolutely no sense to me, and honestly I think once the rest of the country gets a whiff of Phillies' fans saying this ridiculous phrase, they're going to mock you, and they're going to mock you hard. Also, now that I have shared my hatred for this with my husband, he has kindly taken to saying it to me aaaall the time. Great.

We finally made plans to go check out one of the free Philly public pools... this past weekend. If you don't live on the East Coast (or in the U.S.), we had a hurricane this weekend. A pretty big one. That = lots and lots of rain. Oh yeah, and I had volleyball on Thursday at the rec center of the pool we were planning to go to... and it had already been drained for the summer. We finally decide to go to the pool and not only is it DRAINED but it RAINED. Yup, that sounds about right.
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Also last week, along with the rest of the East Coast, I witnessed my first earthquake. Yes, yes, I know. It's nothing like the ones the West Coast gets like everyday of their lives. But come on, this is big news! No, there was no major damage done, but it's still a freaky feeling to feel the earth shake. I was actually working from home that day and was sitting on my couch when it started shaking like crazy. In the 30 seconds that this quake lasted for I had a lot of thoughts go through my head. OMG there's an animal behind my couch. Ok don’t put your feet on the floor. Wait til the shaking stops. Wait. The walls are shaking, too. I can hear the guinea pig cages rattling. Ok, it's obviously not an animal, what is it? (I get off the couch and walk into the laundry room, where the cages are.) Ok… should I stand in this doorway? Hm, that's what they do on TV shows when there's an earthquake. Not that this is an earthquake, but it still seems like a safe spot. I'll stand here. Must be some pipes in the walls, I should call my landlord and tell him about it. I wonder if this happens every day while I'm at work?? OH, that must be why my curtains fell down randomly the other day. Ok it stopped. Weird… ok, time to put Jem on in the background. Wait… I know that tune - it's the breaking news tune. EARTHQUAKE?! WHAT?! You're joking. Seriously? Omg. In Virginia - and I could feel it all the way in Philly?? Man, I gotta post something on Facebook. Wait, my friend all the way up in Boston posted that she could feel it, too?! That's crazy talk. I need to call people. Not really to make sure they're ok - more just to be like OMG EARTHQUAKE. My bff was not amused. Nor concerned. Nor anything. She was like, "Yeah, whatever, you can't get through to me, I didn't even feel it. No big deal." Did I mention she lives in MD (geography lesson - borders VA)?? My mom and aunt were equally as freaked out about it as I was, so that was assuring. Tim also didn't feel it. I'm glad I wasn't at work that day, though, because our building will randomly shake (Maybe when the wind gets crazy or something? We don't really know.), and we're on the 20th floor, soooo yeah. Glad I was home.

Side note: I think it's interesting that TV networks have totally brainwashed us into recognizing "breaking news" tunes. I could be walking down the hall and I would RUN back to the TV if I heard it. Nice work TV networks. Mission accomplished.

We had an earthquake, a hurricane, and a tornado in less than one week. Mother nature is PISSED. What did you do?! I recycle, so it wasn't me.

I often ponder what makes us choose "our" bathroom stalls at work. Don't tell me you don't do it. If you work in an office with 3 or more stalls in the bathroom, you automatically gravitate towards one. Sure, it may be no big deal to you if you have to go to another, but you definitely gravitate toward one, even if you don't realize it. Now you will. I know it's not just me either because I see other people coming out of the same stalls all the time. For example, I know for a fact that if the handicap stall is full, it's one of two people. So my pondering is what makes us choose that stall? Important life question, I know.

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  1. That is totally true about the bathroom stall thing. Mine is always the 2nd one in. I don't know why. And then I think mine might be the most used one because I think other people probably have the same logic of avoiding the first one (I somewhat confirmed this when I went in the other day and the toilet roll was all out and I work in a very small office). I also have to say that it's very irritating when people come out of the handicapped bathroom, not handicapped, when I'm standing there with my stroller (both because of the mammoth size, and also because the changing table is usually put in the handicapped bathroom if it's not out in the open). Of course at work people probably don't have their babies. But still...makes me sympathize with the handicapped people (although we totally scamed the "family" restroom at the airport yesterday. The mens room was no where to be found so I had Brad take Kirk into the family restroom so he could use the bathroom under the rouse that Kirk needed a diaper change).