Friday, August 19, 2011

SMBHD - Doesn't Get Why I Clean For Guests

His rationale: He is not going to notice you didn't vacuum.

Mine: But I will.

It doesn't matter if someone's coming to visit for a day, a weekend, or two weeks. I still want my house to be as presentable as possible. Yes, I'm going to put more of an effort in for my in-laws and any other guests who would be staying for an extended period of time, but I'm still going to put an effort in for my BH's friend Mark who is only staying with us tonight through Sunday. Do I think people are going to think my house always looks like this? No. Do I try to make them think that? Nope. I'll fully admit to them that it's not normally this clean. I don't know, I just can't be laid back about it. BH is like, "No big deal, just make sure everything's off the bed in the guest bedroom, and he has some towels, he's not gonna care." He clearly doesn't get it! But I also can't explain it… I just… can't not put at least some effort into making our house look presentable. So I ended up staying up pretty late last night cleaning and getting things ready.

My BH sent me a very nice email this morning thanking me for all the effort I went to for this weekend. He appreciates it, but he still doesn't get it. Lol.

Ok so some of it may be because we rarely have anyone over our house. Our house isn't really conducive to having large groups over. Our living room can pretty much fit 6 people MAX - and really only 4 comfortably. And our back yard had a disgusting green pool in it up until a few days ago (courtesy of our neighbors, with whom we share the yard), so barbecues are pretty much out. I like to entertain. I like to cook for people. I want to have dinner parties and barbecues. Maybe this is why I want to buy a house so bad (probably). So, in addition to cleaning last night I also put a lasagna together (to be put in the oven for dinner tonight), and made sangria. And went to volleyball (first playoff game - we won!). And made dinner. And picked up my two cases of pumpkin beer!!! (I'm already starting to think I should get another one, because I'll be so sad when it's all gone…)

Am I crazy? Ok, yes is probably the answer in general, but I mean with regards to this post! :)


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