Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weekend Post: Hurricane Edition

did you know that internet usage drops a whopping 50 percent on the weekends? that means half of you won't read this.

we're supposed to be getting hit with a "huge" "hurricane" this weekend. i have thoughts on this, so i'm blogging, but my phone + blogger aren't friends at the moment so it won't let me capitalize letters. sorry, but you're just going to have to deal with "text case" (i made that up).

unfortunately, my instinct is to be skeptical and think the weathermen are blowing this out of perportion. in north carolina, the jersey shore, and the bahamas? oh yeah, i'd be out buying provisions and shuttering up all the windows. but in philly? we're not on the coast, and i guess i'm too used to getting "snowmageddon 3" warnings and getting rain instead to really believe the hype. it's like the weatherman who cried wolf.

on the other hand, i can't help but fall victim to the hype and think how underprepared i'd be if it really did hit us as hard as they're saying. we bought no provisions. i hear grocery stores for miles around are out of d batteries and bottled water.

last night i caved a bit and did some preparations around the house. filled our sangria jug, bottles, and a pitcher with water. filled the pigs' water. watered my plants and refilled the watering can. turned my fridge/freezer to a colder setting (so it stays cooler longer if the power goes out). froze extra ice and put more ice packs in the freezer. brought out matches and candles. charged my heavy duty flashlight and its backup battery. moved cardboard boxes off the floor in the basement in case of flooding. brought my plants inside so they don't blow away.

i don't know. i guess i hope i'm right and it's not as big as they think it will be, because that would be bad. but i'm not prepared to go shopping like the world is going to end tomorrow (even though earthquake + hurricane €€€€obviously equals end of the world). besides, tim always says we could live off the items in our pantry for months. so... we're good. but please oh please don't flood our house. kthanks.


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