Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our Trip Across the Pond

We got back from our trip to England on Monday afternoon, and boy were we "knackered" (as my BH would say). It was a great trip, though! We got to stuff our faces with my mother in-law's delicious meals, see some of the Derbyshire countryside, SHOP, and go to his friend Smithy's wedding! More on the wedding to come, once I get around to taking all of the pictures off my camera - but it was awesome, and beautiful!

Guess what, Americans - it was about 65-70 degrees for our entire trip. Can you even imagine what that feels like?? I couldn't either. And now that I'm back I can't again. I even bought a jacket while I was there! And wore it to the airport, over a few layers of shirts, and jeans. Yeah, when we got into Philly I wasn't wearing the jacket... or the cardigan under it... or the t shirt. Just the tank top under it all (I really needed those pants that zip off to shorts), and was STILL sweating. Welcome home! It was nice to not sweat for a few days, and actually get to blow dry and straighten my hair. And wear foundation without it dripping down my face. Although I'm glad I brought jeans and cardigans, even when Tim scoffed at me and tried to tell me I wouldn't need them! Yes, yes I did need them actually!

So, shopping. Right. Because that's what you want to hear about, I just know it. The first day we were there we went to TK Maxx. Yes, you read that right. TK Maxx. In the UK they change the "J" to a "K". Why? I have no idea. When I first encountered one of those, Tim told me I was crazy to think it should be TJ Maxx. Obviously he underestimated my knowledge of the TJX Corporation that owns all TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Home Goods, and apparently TK Maxx stores. So his argument of "No, "K" is right." kind of went right out the window when I told him my rationale that it's owned by the TJX Corporation and therefore there is no good reason for the K to make an appearance. Mystery still unsolved. I could probably google it, but I don't feel like it. All I know is that it should be a J.

Anyhoo - first stop - TK Maxx. It was HUGE. I was in HEAVEN. I also had completely forgotten what my size was in the UK. I think the sizes are smaller there because all the smalls I picked up were super extra small. I was having a hard time spotting things quickly, especially when looking for skirts because they weren't listed as small or medium, only double digit numbers I'm not used to seeing. So I walked out of there with a pair of running pants... non exciting, I know. But wait! I also walked out of there with a super cute purse AND THIS:

Can you tell how big it is? Tim was like, "You are never going to get that thing home." But my MIL was like, "Use it as your neck pillow on the plane." I like how she thinks. Although I'm the one person who would get in trouble for that and end up having to pay $600 to check it so I ended up squishing it into my suitcase somehow. Also, I should point out that Tim's the one who showed me this pillow, and the ottoman next to it that I really wanted to ship home. So this is his fault, and therefore that's how I justify half of my luggage going into his suitcase for the trip home so that I could fit this pillow in mine. :)

The next day we went for a fish pedicure! (Me and my MIL, the men wouldn't even come in the shop!) I read an article about it a couple years ago, and have always wanted to try it, but it wasn't what I expected really! I don't know why, but I think I didn't expect to actually feel them, and maybe I didn't expect there to be so many! My mom would FREAK OUT. I just know it. I giggled like a little girl most of the time. I couldn't even look down at my feet for the first 5 minutes. It was so weird! But my feet were definitely nice and soft after, so job well done fishies.

After that we got to see Nottingham Castle (Castle Rock, actually, we didn't go up to the castle)

...and the oldest bar in England. No, really, it's been there since 1189AD. See?

We also took a picture with the Robin Hood statue, because we were in Nottingham after all… and apparently very near "Maid Marian Way".

We went for a hike in Derbyshire on Sunday and it was unexpectedly beautiful! Not that I thought it wouldn't be beautiful, I just didn't expect to see this:

As you can see, we were nowhere near the riots.

Also, any idea how I could ship this home??

I'm pretty sure I want need it.


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