Monday, August 15, 2011

Random Ramblings of the Week 8/15

These are just some random thoughts that go through my head that I know you all want to hear:

I'm pretty sure my favorite song of all time is "Tuesday's Gone" by Lynyrd Skynyrd. When I hear it it automatically makes me happy, and kind of makes me want to hippie dance. I don't think I'll EVER skip it when it comes up on my ipod. And I may play it 3 times in a row while I run because, yes, I can even listen to it when I run. It's that good. PS I'm pretty sure no one noticed, but I had the DJ play it at my wedding. He played it during dinner since that's as good a time as there is to play a 7 minute long slow song.


Yes, I know that summer isn't over yet and it's almost like wishing it away... I can't help it. When we went on the Harpoon Brewery tour in Boston and I tried their Pumpkin Ale and then almost died it was so good, I asked the guy (you know, the guy) if it would make it down to Philadelphia. It was their first year distributing the Pumpkin so he said he wasn't sure, but that I should email them when I got home and suggest it so they know there's interest in the area. I did just that, and I even recommended two beer distributors in my neighborhood that I know have sold pumpkin ale in the past, and sold OUT of it. I got an email the other day saying both places were getting it and that I should call and reserve a case or 5. Reserved. I can't decide if it's sad or awesome that I have this much of an obsession with pumpkin ale. PS Tim won't kiss me or even come near me whatsoever when I've been drinking pumpkin ale. This, coming from the man who "hated" pumpkin pie before he even tried it, but now loves it. Whatever, he's not coming between me and my love for pumpkin ale. We'll just sit on opposite sides of the room until all 48 of my beers are gone. *shrug*
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I miss 3D doritos. Who's with me??

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Apparently I'm allergic to Burts Bees chapstick. Apparently I'm also not the only one. There are like 1,000 forums out there of people who are allergic to something that's in the BB chapstick. I have yet to figure it out what it is yet. Ok, I'm also allergic to this one pomegranate flavored Gap chapstick, so it's not just BB. How do I know? My lips sting and get red itchy bumps on them and the only thing I can do is use Vaseline or Blistex medicated chapstick on them. It's not fun. Tim was not sympathetic and told me that maybe I just use too much chapstick. Pssh. Is there such a thing?

PS - You may not know this, but I'm addicted to chapstick. For realz.

When I was at a wedding in England recently I busted out my Vaseline chapstick and this guy (who was drunk, and a little odd...) says to me, "Do you have cold sores?" in front of everyone at the table. I told him "No." with a weird look on my face like why would you, a stranger, ask me such a thing, and in front of so many people? (I think Tim was a little pissed, too.) Then he proceeded to stick his finger out and ask for some of my chapstick. I'm not big on sharing chapstick, especially with strangers, but he insisted and got all weird about it, so I gave him some. At least it was the Vaseline one, so it's not like a stick. If it was a stick I wouldn't have given it to him. Or I would have and then thrown it out. I don't know this guy!

I'm excited for Tim's friend to visit this weekend... but oddly it's because I want to cook for him. Well, for both of them, but I like cooking for people, and it's a chance to cook for more than just us for the first time in a while! Is that weird? Probably. Oh well. As soon as Tim mentioned "he's a student" so maybe I could cook instead of us going out the first night, I was like, YES! Tim has requested my lasagna. Works for me.

I love Jersey Shore an unhealthy amount. I laugh out loud so many times when I watch it. Plus it makes me want to have Sunday dinners. Also, I really related to the first episode this season where the girls were having issues with their hair dryers and straighteners (because of the voltages). I brought my curling iron with me to England and the barrel melted! Yes, melted. I picked it up and the barrel moved separately from the handle. Scary. The smell wasn't great either. I mean, it was pretty old... I stole acquired it from my mom years ago and have had it as long as I can remember (probably age 11). Anyway, I bought a new one last weekend that says it "works worldwide" and "automatically adjusts to different voltages". We'll see!


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