Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Crappiest Part of Wedding Planning...

How exactly does one make a Porta Potty not sound... gross? One of the not so glamorous parts of planning my wedding is finding a suitable bathroom facility. I love how all the companies that rent them out have terms for them that try to make it not sound so gross. Newsflash, porta john companies, it doesn't matter if you call it a temporary restroom or a porta potty, or if you make up different levels like maxim, premier, ambassador, deluxe, platinum, gold, etc. No matter the descriptor, the stigma of the portable bathroom does not fade. It's something that when everyone hears is their only option, they all of a sudden can hold it for hours for fear of stepping foot in something so horrid.

Unfortunately there's not really a way around it. We have two bathrooms inside the house but A - don't want people trampling through the house B - don't want to have to deal with the possibility of one getting clogged and someone having to roll up their sleeves and get in there and fix it and C - the second one is in my mom's bedroom and that's just not right to have strangers (to her) walking through there. Hence, we need "temporary restrooms" in the backyard.

Sure, there are plenty of "luxury" options, but I'm wondering... are people even going to notice I spent the extra dough on it? Or will the porta potty stigma follow it no matter how "luxury" it is? And let me tell you, these suckers ain't cheap! Not even the standard ones are really.


Anybody got any advice? Will it really matter if I shell out the extra $$ for the nicer ones? Should I go with something in the middle because nobody will care? Or do I just let people hold it all night?

Hm... maybe I'll send everyone adult diapers with their invites.



  1. Yikes...What are the luxury features?

  2. I say no one will notice if you spend a ton of cash on them. Have you met your friends? You know what other options we've been up against....