Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Hat!

My hat is here! If you saw one of my asides on my last post you saw that I wasn't sure if I was getting my hat! I received a paypal shipping confirmation email, but then got another email saying the seller had cancelled it with the reason "Changed Mind". I emailed the seller through ebay (where I "won" it) and asked if she'd changed her mind on selling the product (I'm not even sure that's allowed!) or just the shipping method. Well, I never received a response, but I did receive another shipping confirmation email - and now it's here! I don't know whether my mentioning in my email to her that I would be wearing it for my bridal shower held any weight, but I now have it in my hands and that's all that matters! So this is hat #2 I will be wearing for my shower. The other one is an off-white fedora-ish hat with a feather in the side that was my Meamaw's. I'm taking advantage of this whole being able to wear fancy hats for a day thing! So excited!

The only problem with the hat is the veil doesn't exactly come down, if that makes sense. It's kind of all over the top, not so much in the face. I'm wondering if a certain friend of mine who sews could remedy that for me... while she's working on my hat box :)

I'll post pics of my shower/bachelorette outfits as soon as... well, as soon as I find them. Moving seems to make things disappear. Or at least hide from me pretty darn well. I can't find a damn thing right now.


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  1. oh, that's me! and 98% yes, the other 2% is because I haven't really thought about how yet.