Tuesday, July 6, 2010

FH Projects

Well well well. FH CAN be crafty! Once he's taught properly, that is. The boy had never used a glue gun or spray paint in his life before this trip. Still hasn't used spray paint, but I'll take glue gun skills over nothing! Remember that cork placecard holder project I posted about a little while ago? Well, I decided to have FH work on it and he pretty much finished it! He did 101 of them (I started him off with like 20).

He was really happy that I took a picture of him doing crafts.

Near the end we decided they didn't all have to match because we were running out of corks. Then I found another bag of them after he left... and MOB told me Aunt Wendy had sent up a bag of corks with Uncle Randy a few weeks ago, too. (I'm going to be rolling in corks - love it!) So I'll probably do at least another 15 or so just to have extras. Plus I have NO idea how many people are coming yet! Yeah, that requires me to finish the invites and send them out... I know I said end of June but I have no idea where June went! I finished the UK portion of them, so those will go out as soon as FH puts them in the mail! Anyway, I'm not working on any other projects (except packing up wedding stuff to take to MOB's house for storage this weekend) until the US portion are finished. I think I have something like 50 left to do... FH did help me a bit on the invites as well. He cut paper and ribbon for me. (Hey, I'll take what I can get.)

Back to corks - look at this super awesome thing Bridesmaid Lela got me for my birthday! It's a cork cage! You put the corks in the top and they're caged in the bottom. There's even a little "gate" on the bottom you unlatch to get them out. LOVE IT.


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  1. That cork cage is the coolest thing ever...I mean second to the picture of Tim DIYing...that is the coolest thing ever!